Brain Development In Babies

A baby’s brain is as fresh as a page from a brand new diary. It undergoes several changes of development each moment after birth as it produces more than a million neural connections every second!

Although their brain is little and registering everything at once will take some time, they have different areas of the brain controlling different activities like eating, sleeping, walking, hearing, speaking etc. The wiring and functionality of the brain are such that this process is easy to grasp in the growing years (0-1 years). 

How does the brain development happen?

These are the different aspects of the brain that need to undergo training so that the baby is future ready!

This is exactly where the role of parents is critical as they will be shaping up their child’s cognitive capabilities. You don’t even need any equipment or any special toys to help your kids if you’re doing it the right way!

1.Research says that the more love, care and affection you show towards your child, the more inclined they will be towards you. Therefore, if you’re teaching them something, it will be understood by them in a more efficient way.

2. The first 3 years of development of your child’s brain are very sensitive and this is exactly the foundation of your child’s cognitive capabilities. Just like the way a building needs a strong foundation to be stable, babies need the same kind of foundation for more stable and functional life ahead. The development of your child’s brain is dependent on many factors like relationship with the parents, caregivers, experiences and the environment the child is growing in.

These relationships further help in conceptualising thoughts, feelings and learning abilities till they reach adulthood.

3. Initially, the brain will learn about the important aspects and life skills such as

Problem solving



Relationship building

4. With over 700 new nerve connections every second, the parent can help teaching their baby all the regular activities like identifying who’s mommy and daddy, recognizing their voices, touch etc. Basically, this is the time where you, can train your little one how to survive the world around him.

5. Early experience matters as it is something which is responsible for developing the baby’s cognitive functioning. Say if, there’s a whole lot of love, care, safety, and security; the baby will learn better and bond better socially.

6. If the baby is mistreated by his own people, then he is likely to sense danger and respond to threat. It will not only hamper your child’s cognitive abilities but create anxiety, fear, and insecurity within him., His academic performance will also not be that great because he’ll have major issues while learning.

7. Babies too can experience stress when they are placed in uncomfortable and new situations that could be frightening for them. These ‘Toxic Stressful Situations’ like marital conflict, exposure to violence and abuse, neglect etc can hamper the baby’s cognitive growth. These problems can linger around in the mind for years together even after entering adulthood.

How to build healthy brain connections?

1.Pay close attention to the demands and little signs of your child. Listen and observe to the kind of signs and signals the baby is giving out. It could be in the form of laughing, crying, facial expressions and bodily gestures.

2.Responsive caring is the most important factor while looking at the brain’s developmental perspective. Make your child understand that you’re very much are aware of what they want depending on the way they’re expressing.

That way they’ll think that they’re being given importance and therefore they will pay close attention to what you’re saying and teaching.

3.Your child needs to begin communicating. It is like a game of catch where there is a back and forth motion. So if you’re talking to your child, then you need to wait for your child to speak up or use any other method of communication. Give it time because it needs a lot of patience to get a response from such a tiny little being.

4.Induce a little bit of stress like if you see your baby is trying to crawl but is unable to push himself up on his fours, fret not. Just let him try. He’ll eventually succeed. The more you protect your baby, the more he will become dependent on you. Establishing an eye contact will motivate them to get up on their feet again. Relax, your baby is going to be fine. It will only lead to a strong and a healthy brain.

5.Not giving them everything they demand also makes your child’s brain sharper and they will begin understanding the value of things, therefore, they will begin caring for objects around them and treat them properly. This is a great trick parents use to help their child understand the value of many important things in life.

6.The sensory stimulation is also at its peak during this phase of 0-3 years. So if you’re reading books and showing colorful and brights pictures to your baby, it is good! You’re boosting your child’s visual and auditory senses! This will just spark the brain development of your child and he’ll be able to distinguish between things like languages, objects, colors etc easily.

A healthy brain is a sign that your baby is getting stronger by the day. Cognitive capabilities are important for your baby’s development as the Brain is such an important part of the human system. You are the key to help your child deal with the world, hence it is important for you to understand the growth and needs of your baby’s brains! 

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