Video – 6 Things No One Tells You About Pregnancy

Video source – Boldly(Youtube) 

The second you announce that you’re pregnant or even just say that you’re trying to get pregnant, there are so many suggestions and advices thrown your way that it’s hard to navigate through all of them. But here are a few things even your closest friend might not have mentioned to you about pregnancy.

1. The gruesome body hair

During pregnancy you might find that your hair is growing thicker and faster but the fact is that you’re losing hair at a slower rate because of high levels of estrogen. Excess of body and facial hair is due to the increase in the production of a hormone called as androgen which is predominantly a male hormone. If you are conscious about body hair, there are many hair removal techniques that are safe during pregnancy.

2. There she blows.

Gas is a very common and a pretty embarrassing thing that all of us have had to face the effects of at one or the other point in our lives but as a pregnant woman, it’s just taken up a notch. The culprit in this case is a hormone called progesterone which causes excess gas. Bloating, burping and flatulence will stay with you throughout the pregnancy.

3. Um…why do I feel like something’s wrong down there?

Among many changes your body experiences during pregnancy, vaginal discharge is a major one. Because of increase in estrogen levels, more blood flows to the area around the vagina. This results in more discharge than usual and is clear or milky white mucous like substance.

If your vaginal discharge is yellowish, strong smelling and is accompanied by some redness then you might have a vaginal infection that needs to be checked out by the doctor.

4. “Pregnancy Brain”

You might walk into a shop and forget what you wanted in the first place or where the hell you placed that purse. Hormonal changes, lack of proper sleep and mulittasking are a few of many things that can be making you forgetful or have a memory lapse during your pregnancy. But you’ll be happy to know that your mind is not “altered” during pregnancy.

5. *Laughs* and pees

Because of the pressure on your uterus by the little-one growing in your belly, frequent urination is unavoidable. Some pregnant women feel the need to use the toilets every ten minutes! But the worst part is every time you laugh too hard or sneeze, you’ll feel yourself pee a little and you’re confused whether if it was sweat just trickling in between your legs or you actually peed.

6. It’s scratchy time

As your baby bump grows, your abdominal skin is stretched which explains why you feel like scratching your tummy all the time. You can curb this by wearing loose fitting clothes so that your clothes don’t rub up against your tummy and cause any irritation. Also applying moisturizers or lotions has been known to reduce the itching sensation.

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