All You Need to Know About Belly-only Pregnancy

It is challenging to gain only belly weight in addition to a permissible extra weight with intense cravings and insomnia. Aversion from a healthy lifestyle, constant exhaustion, and obsession with food makes the job of keeping the pregnancy weight under control a hilarious task. The first trimester is particularly difficult due to persistent nausea, a tendency to puke and mood swings. While the affinity towards carbs increases drastically, frequent stints of hunger make matter worse. It might sound imperative that a woman has no other option but to gain weight, there are ways to keep the body weight under control and have a belly-only pregnancy.

First Trimester:

This is the toughest phase out of all the three phases of pregnancy. On the eating front, consuming healthy carbs such as string, sprouted bread, tortillas, different types of cheese, minimum-fat cream, paleo bread, flaxseed etc can pay rich dividends. It makes sense to go slow on the calories during the first three months. While remaining active can be a challenge during this phase, an early morning walk for about a mile can help to refrain from the morning sickness. If walking becomes a little challenging, a supervised session with a trained gym instructor will do the trick as well. Breaking a sweat by walking or working out can make a woman feel way better.

This is also the phase when patience runs thin and there is a tendency to get overly emotional on small affairs. It, therefore, makes sense to keep reminding oneself that getting too frustrated can turn a good day worst. Staying hydrated for is of prime importance too. Drinking prenatal vitamins rather than taking a pill can help in digestion for many women. Women who tend to throw up during this time might have to consult a doctor and change the diet plans accordingly. Overall this is the survival phase that needs to be calmly seen through.

Second Trimester:

This is the phase where things fall in place. The headaches, vomit, and exhaustion slowly go away. The second trimester is also the time when fitness needs to be taken seriously. A good walk for half an hour is a good exercise to start with. It keeps the lymphatic system healthy, retain water in the body and makes an individual feel better. Jogging is also a good option. If a person feels comfortable with the growing size of the baby, she should go for it without a doubt. Music can be a good companion to beat the boredom during walking or jogging.

This is also the time when nutrition and diet plans need to be taken seriously. The belly should be filled up with all the pregnancy superfoods such as berries, apples, spinach, sweet potato, oatmeal, bran cereal, cashews etc. Cutting down on fast and processed food should be the aim during this phase. Healthy beverages such as iced coffee, lemonade, and iced tea are great sources of hydration.

Third Trimester:

This is the time when a woman grows bigger. Exhaustion could be tough to fight. If the thought of eating and dozing off excites, it must be limited. The best way to do this is to keep one busy with activities and thoughts of the baby. The habit of walking needs to be continued. This will ensure that the feeling of sluggishness goes away. The third trimester is the time when contractions crop up every now and then. Exercise or daily walk helps in fighting that as well. The healthy-eating regime should continue in this phase as well. Consumption of milk, fruits, leafy and green vegetable, chicken stew, salads, dry fruits etc. should rule the diet chart. Certain other physical activities such as yoga and meditation can help to shed the extra weight and assist in belly-only pregnancy.

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