What’s Your Baby’s Rashee?

Disclaimer: This article has fun facts and was written for your entertainment, do not tread on it too seriously.

No matter how modern Indian parents act, deep down they are always a little superstitious. Once their baby is born, they want to know all the stars that are not in the favor of their little one, so as to destroy their effects by launching attacks on unseen demons in the forms of various pujas and mantras. 

Quite hilariously so, parents go to lengths to find out their baby’s sun sign, moon sign, this sign, that sign and what not. When it comes to zodiac signs, a person’s zodiac apparently describes their entire personality.

Let us now take a look these zodiac signs for babies:

1. Aquarius

Aquarius kids are easy to get along and are liked by most people around them. They are also good and quick with learning tasks and other new things. On the other side, kids with this sign happen to be absent-minded and might need constant reminders to get things done.

2. Pisces

Be ready to spend your money on paints, tools, creative toys and other such things. Pieces babies are very creative and passionate about things. They are sympathetic and idealistic. These kids are dreamy and like to flow in their own fairy land, so you have to push them at times to make them wake up from their reverie.

3. Aries

Aries are natural leaders. They are confident and extremely ambitious. They have an ability to motivate others but may sometimes end up doing things without thinking them through. They are stubborn and can only be convinced through proper reasoning and logic.

4. Taurus

The model child, Taurus babies are usually silent and do not cause a lot of problems in the life of their parents. They love harmony and hate things that are unorganized. Make sure that you make your Taurus kid talk and express themselves more; otherwise, they have a tendency to keep things to themselves.

5. Gemini

The Adventurous spirit! Geminis are extremely comfortable in social settings and do not face much problem while making new friends. They love to travel and go on an adventure. They are super friendly, but often get too engrossed in talking so much so that they forget the task at hand.

6. Cancer

Cancer babies are extremely sentimental and sensitive. They are shy and usually prefer staying home rather than going out in a social setting. They are the nicest people on earth and everybody likes them. But because of this very reason, they might have difficulties in facing rejection or repulsive behaviors.

7. Leo



Leo babies are extremely extroverted and charming. This sign is not only full of enormous confidence, but also enthusiasm and energy. They are fearless, which makes them be reckless at times. Parents need to take care that their baby’s pride does not overshadow their overall personality.

8. Virgo

They work hard and are quick learners. Virgo babies are cautious, self-assured and extremely reliable. These kids like to have things according to their own comfort and may start worrying at the smallest of issues.

9. Libra

This compassionate sign is an art lover and is a great listener. They are extremely intelligent, which makes them indecisive in certain circumstances.

10. Scorpio

Get ready for a bundle of joy and happiness. Scorpio babies are funny, energetic and curious. They are driven towards what they believe in, but you need to earn their trust to be on their good pages.

11. Sagittarius

Sagittarius babies are helpful and like to keep tabs to what makes people tick. They are optimistic and opinionated, but you need to spend some of your time in teaching this sign the value of money.

12. Capricorn

The model student, Capricorn children have practical, serious and goal-oriented personalities. It is hard for this sign to make friends but they are great at maintaining them.

Be it whatever zodiac sign, each baby is unique in their own cute little way!  

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