6 Bizarre Pregnancy Myths Busted!

Pregnancy is a grand adventure of excitement and anticipation. It is the time when everyone stops by to give their own inputs on what to eat and what not to, What to do and what not to…To add to that, we Indians have an extraordinary predilection for speculations and superstitions. To make life easier for the moms-to-be, we have debunked 5 very common myths which are wonderfully misleading and yet actually believed and perpetuated.

 Myth 01: “You are glowing! It is definitely a boy!”

The beauty of the mother during pregnancy decides the gender of the baby. Girl baby steals away her mother’s beauty. If the baby is a boy, the mom-to-be grows beautiful and attractive throughout pregnancy.

Truth: The truth is due to morning sickness, changing hormone levels and an expanding baby bump leaves the pregnant women exhausted in the first trimester. In the second trimester, when the morning sickness usually ends for most of the pregnant women, the mothers-to-be eats well and blood circulation improves and most women have a glowing face. It has nothing to do with the sex of the baby. 

Myth 02: “No baby gifts, please!”

No gifts are brought before the baby is born. It is believed that buying, or receiving things before the baby actually arrives at this world attracts evil spirits and may cause miscarriage. And also, it is considered as challenging the fate. Some women believe that the baby’s spirit will be scared away if the pregnancy is announced too early.

Truth: Buying, receiving, or opening baby gifts before delivery has nothing to do with the miscarriage. In western culture, it is normal to prepare the nursery for the baby’s arrival even before the mom-to-be goes into labour.

The risk of miscarriage is higher in the first trimester compared to the later months. But it is not influenced by the announcement of pregnancy in those early weeks.

Myth 03: “Oh stop rubbing your tummy! You are blemishing the baby”

Pregnant women should refrain themselves from excessive touching or rubbing their baby bump. This could spoil the baby and the baby will be arrogant by nature.

Truth: According to experts, this myth has no scientific backing up. But it is worth noting that by 10 weeks of gestation, the fetus can feel the touch and respond for the gentle strokes on mother’s abdomen.

Myth 04: “Low belly? It is a boy!”, “High belly? It is a girl!”

A common belief is that women carrying low belly carry a boy and women with high belly carry a girl. Also, it is believed that women with small, round bellies carry boy baby, and women with large bellies carry girl baby.

Truth: The shape and size of the bellies of pregnant women are determined by the original shape of the abdomen, the amount of distribution of the fat, the strength of the abdominal muscles, the number of babies already conceived, the presentation and the position of the baby.

Myth 05: “Heartburn? A baby with lots of hair!”

It is believed that if the pregnant women are suffering from heartburn, the baby in the womb will be having lots of hair.

Truth: Heartburn is a common pregnancy complaint mainly caused due to reflux oesophagitis, during which the contents of the stomach or consumed food content come back up the food pipe. Due to its acidic nature, pregnant women suffer from heartburn. It is not linked to the hair of the baby in the womb.

Myth 06: “You are pregnant! Eat for two!”

It is blindly believed that the pregnant women should have double the food intake as they are eating for two – mother and the baby.

Truth: During pregnancy, the dietary demands definitely increase. The nutrition in the mother’s food is very important as the baby is dependent on her for proteins, vitamins and minerals. But that doesn’t mean the mother-to-be should be stuffing double the food down her throat. Pregnant women should have balanced and nutritious diet.

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