Bonding With Your Baby At Birth

A baby undoubtedly brings about a sea of changes in a couple’s life. The bonding that most mothers share with their newborn is inexplicable. The beautiful and amazing eternal connection builds up while the baby is still in the womb. With each passing day, the bond only gets stronger and stronger. From singing to reading books to talking to the baby, the mother does everything to stay connected with the baby safely residing within the mother’s womb. Once the baby comes into the world, the mother forgets the world around. Every second of her time is devoted to taking care, nurturing her bundle of joy. Some first-time mothers, however, have own apprehensions. The fear of not being able to bond well with the baby send shivers down their spine. The following tips come as a breath of fresh air for such mothers helping them build a beautiful bond with the baby.

1. Breastfeeding, the beginning of something beautiful and pure: It is not without reason that a healthy woman is advised to breastfeed the baby as early as possible. The health benefits of breastfeeding are known to all and sundry. However, breastfeeding also acts as a catalyst, ensuring a better bonding between the mother and baby. The skin to skin contact with the baby while breastfeeding them creates a positive impact on the baby. In fact, many studies suggest that women who breastfeed the child tend to bond better with the baby.

2. Interact and talk to the baby often: During pregnancy, you will find almost all mothers interacting with their unborn child. They share their happiness and sadness, anticipation and excitement with the baby. Doing these, they feel more connected to the baby. Continue with this healthy practice even after the baby is born. Interact with the baby whenever you get time, play with them, sing lullabies, share stories. For working mothers, you can indulge in morning walks or evening strolls with the baby. The other family members including the father can also practice the same with the baby. You will be amazed how these small activities can strengthen the bond between you and the baby.

3. You might have seen babies waking up crying or feeling scared. Babies always want to be surrounded by their loved ones. They feel more safe and protected in the company of their loved ones. Do not leave the baby alone in the room. Stay close to them, even when they are sleeping. Waking up seeing their loved ones around will go a long way to strengthen your bond with the baby.

4. With newborns, it is difficult to understand their needs, their expressions or their feelings. More than often, the baby will try to interact with you. It could be a smile, trying to hold you, looking into your eyes, or making all the noise to draw your attention. We know taking care of a newborn can be tiring but just be a little observant and reciprocate. The bonding between you and the baby will only grow from strength to strength.

5. Believe it or not, but the activities such as changing diapers, bathing the baby, oil massaging them, or even feeding the baby can work wonders in establishing a better bonding between you and the baby. So while babysitters and expert help will be there, try and be involved in these activities as much as you can.

You don’t need to move the mountains or do something extraordinary to bond with the baby. Small yet meaningful endeavours are enough to bring in positive results.

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