4 Tips To Help You Choose The Perfect Babysitter

When the time comes to sit and talk to a babysitter, narrowing down and choosing the perfect person can be a difficult task. To begin with, finding a babysitter is a challenge in itself. It is almost impossible to find a candidate who could be better than ‘just good enough’. 

Here we’ve listed 5 things to consider before making a decision about the person you’ll be trusting your baby’s life with.

1. Consider The References

When narrowing down the top picks for your baby’s caregiver, consider the conversations you had with the families she listed as references. Are the families she’s listed similar to your family? Was the kid she took care of before the same age as your kid?

 Did she have similar duties (bathing and cooking dinner) to what you’d like her to do for your kid? A background check is necessary, so if your prospective babysitter has had experience handling responsibilities that you’ll require, it’s likely to be an easy transition for all involved.

2. List Down What You’re Going To Ask The Person

Go over the answers you liked the most to the questions that really matter to you and your family. We all have general questions (experience, availability, age etc), but your family must have some unique set of needs, right?

Will you need the sitter to cook meals in your absence? Go over what your top picks said about being comfortable in the kitchen. While it’s convenient if a babysitter gave a good interview, the sitter who stands out among the rest will be the one who you felt a personal connection with when speaking to you about something near and dear to your heart.


3. Do A Test

See how your child engages with her, a good babysitter won’t mind doing a trial run to make you feel comfortable. Do you like her personality, how about her teaching skills; her playfulness? Are you okay with the way she disciplines your child if he’s irritable? After all, he’s the one who will be spending the most time with her, so seeing the child-sitter interaction first hand can be a big help when making your final decision.

4. Trust Your Gut

There will definitely be a candidate who has a remarkable experience as a babysitter, fantastic references and correct answers for all your questions, but something just seems off. You might not be able to point it out specifically, but you just don’t feel like she’s the right one. Trust your instincts in such cases.

Of course, having backup sitters in your contact list is recommended no matter how trustworthy your current hire is. If you had three outstanding options, ask the two that just didn’t make the cut if they’re still interested in sitting for you every once in awhile. Try and develop long-term relationships with sitters versus treating them like an employee, it can turn out to be priceless when you’re in a pinch.

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