7 Things You Learn From Your Marriage In The First Month

Newly married life is pretty awesome. Moving away from your family or starting a new job or getting hold of new responsibilities. Everything seems so fascinating and adventurous. It also makes you learn some lessons that go on to build your marriage strong and making you both a happy couple for life.

1. No dramatic transformation

 All of us let our imagination run wild about how life would change dramatically after marriage. Family and friends are constantly asking you how it feels to be married. But you realize that there is no sudden change in your life that you cannot comprehend. Life keeps going on at its own pace. It is not like they show in movies. You both are the same person that you were before your wedding and that is not going to change.

2. Less I, More We

 As we said, life would be pretty much same, throwing tough challenges in your path but there comes a subtle shift in the way you handle them. There is more of team mentality than individuality. You make room for your partner’s comfort in your decisions. You make plans, solve problems like you did before – but together.

3. Dividing responsibilities

 There would be certain chores that you may find troublesome but your partner can handle them with ease and there would be things your partner is unable to do but you can. This way, you can divide up domestic tasks and other responsibilities which make for a smooth functioning of your household. Opening up with your partner about your strengths and weaknesses helps you to know each other better and brings you closer together.

4. Changing name

 People would expect the wife to change her name after marriage. It should a decision based entirely on the wife if she wants to keep her name or take the husband’s last name. But even if you take your husband’s last name, it may sound weird to you and you will take some time to get used to it. To make it weirder, friends and family call you by your new name intentionally, making a big show of it. It will not come naturally right away, and that’s okay.

5. Missing free time

During the first few months of marriage, you will find that you are not getting enough of ‘me’ time. You do not spend weekends doing anything and sleeping all day. You have said goodbye to your hobbies and interests. Instead, you are busy planning your future together or searching for a bigger house to move in or maybe just helping each other with loads of dishes or laundry.

6. Kids

 Right after you get married, random people will keep asking you about when you’re going to have kids. Family and relatives keep on pestering you to start a family giving you the stupidest of reasons to do so. But know that, it is a big decision to make. Do not pay heed to strangers and do not give in to the pressure by the family. You both should make this decision together and in no hurry. When the time will be right, things will take their course by themselves.

7. Resolving Issues

 Little problems in your marriage don’t go away. Instead, they keep on piling and get worse. Do not let the small issues festering for long. Talk with your partner if something bothers you and find a solution to the problem. Small fights will eventually lead to a big fight, there is no stopping to that. And it is obviously not a good thing for your relationship. So, it is better to not let the anger pile on but to resolve whatever differences you have, right then and there.

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