Baby Food Chart For An 18 Month Old

18 months mark a year and a half for your baby. By this time, your baby would have gone through a considerable change. Be it in the sleep patterns, eating patterns or behavior in general. It is said that one to eight years are very crucial for your kids’ growth since their body is at their best for growing.

At a year and a half, children start eating solid foods and all other types of food that their parents usually have. Some kids are picky and may not necessarily like certain food items. In such cases, it becomes all the more important for parents to find out how to make food interesting, in order to induce healthy eating habits.

Here’s a look at the food chart for an 18-Month-old:

1. Breakfast

Parents ought to make sure that they do not induce a habit of skipping breakfast. Breakfast is healthy as it gives your body the necessary nourishment to get started for the day. Dishes like – Ragi idli, Upma, Soaked almonds and other dry fruits, fruits, peanut butter sandwich, Pancakes, besan cheela, eggs, etc; accompanied with a glass of whole milk can be given to your toddlers. Early morning breakfast sets the tone for rest of the day and hence should be carefully thought out.

2. Mid morning

Mid-morning snacks should be refreshing and at the same time, light. Papaya pieces, a small banana, orange wedges, kiwi and guava slices, strawberry quarters, melon cubes and such other fruits can be given to your kids for a mid morning snack. At times a cracker or two along with a bottle of milk is advisable.

3. Lunch

Lunch should be something on the heavier side. Methi paratha, dal and roti, khichdi, baked or boiled beans, chicken, cucumber slices and curry would be a few items that you could give your little ones for lunch. Once in awhile, you can also give them pasta, bread, and nuts. Having a hefty lunch is of utmost importance since children usually take a long nap after it. Sleeping helps them to digest food and at the same time, provides their body with the essential nutrients which facilitate growth. Lunch should not be such a challenge to parents since it is advisable to give your kids what you would generally eat.

4. Evening snack

Kids like to go outdoors and play in the evening. To give them the necessary energy required to do so, it is essential to make them have an evening snack. Chickoo milk shake, Bread pizza, Nuts, Kesar almond milk, Orange juice, strawberry smoothie, Soya cutlets, etc; accompanied by a glass of whole milk. This evening snack provides them a window between lunch and dinner without getting hungry too early (before dinnertime).

5. Dinner

Simple rule for a dinner schedule for your 18-month-old: Give them what is there on your plate. If you are eating dal, rice, sabji, roti, then make sure that your children too have small portions of all these items on their plate. Here are a few other dinner options for your children – chicken curry with roti, upma, banana dosa, paneer, aloo or gobi paratha, vegetable khichdi with curd, etc.  

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