10 Exercise Regimes for you and your family

In our busy schedule, while we are struggling to juggle between professional life and family life, we usually forget to care for ourselves and stay fit. We push ourselves to be last one in the long list of our priorities and ignore the importance of our physical fitness. We often forget the person who is physically fit is capable of living life to the fullest.

 So, here are a few regimes to convert your physical fitness time into family time and stay fit together.

1. Walks after dinner

A brief walk after dinner is a quick way to burn some calories and build family relationships. It is the right time to talk and discuss how was the day with your partner or children. And by having 15 minutes post-dinner walk session, you will get day-to-day updates of your family and also, you could burn calories, aid your body in digestion and control your blood sugar levels.

2. Play in the playground

Parents take their kids to park/playground and let the kids play while they sit on a bench and watch. If the parents utilize this time to exercise with their children, it would be great fun time with the family.

3. Indoor party

Indoor exercise doesn’t always need special equipment. All we need is, clearing up space in the middle of the floor. Put off the lights. Turn on the flashlight as a strobe light. Play the music. Encourage everyone to dance. Let them make their silliest moves or showcase their dancing talent. What matters is everyone is being entertained while they are doing some workout.

4. Involve in household chores

Cleaning, dusting, brooming and mopping, washing utensils, organizing the room – all these activities could involve all the family members. Make it a game out of it such as Rescuing the things from the invading dust, or killing the germs on utensils, etc.

5. Active Video Games

For the children and parents who would whine about leaving the TV behind, active video games could be a great compromise. The games such as The Activision Decathlon, Wipeout (Create and Crash), Nickelodeon Fit, Active Life Outdoor Challenge, Kinect Rush, etc sneak in some cardio, make you super sweaty, offers you physical exercise and above everything, helps you bond with your family while being entertained.

6. Sneak workouts into other activities

Take the stairs or walk up the escalator, or whenever possible, walk on foot instead of using vehicles to commute short distances. These small activities aid in keeping you physically fit and also encourages your children to follow it.

7. Weekly sports night

Once in a week, a game like fit-deck shuffle could be played. Prepare your own set of playing cards featuring family-friendly work outs such as planking, squats, bear-crawling, etc. Each family member should pick a card and perform the workout pictured. The game is played until all the cards have been performed.

8. Teaming up for Gardening

Digging up the dirt, turning over the soil, planting new bulbs, growing and cultivating the plants are the activities children love to do. Apart from engaging all the senses, encouraging healthy eating habits and being more responsible towards the environment, gardening is as good as weight training in toddlers to avoid osteoporosis. In summer, gardening could be made more fun by setting up a sprinkler to water the lawn and challenge the children to duck the droplets.

9. Walk the dog

Walking the dog is an activity which could keep you physically and mentally fit and also thickening family bond. It is a good exercise and a stress buster. Dog walking could also help in connecting with nature, decreasing loneliness and building community spirit.

10. Make Exercise a Part of Family Outings

Instead of having the family outing at a restaurant or movies, taking a stroll at local nature trail or going for hiking or family bike ride could be more beneficial physically as well as building family bonds. You can also try some other activities such as swimming or indoor trampoline parks.

It is usually assumed that family and workouts can’t go hand-in-hand. But by being thoughtful and creative, you could incorporate family into your workouts and make it more fun. 

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