An Ode to C- Sections

A huge percentage of women today look at Cesarean section as their go to option when it comes to the birthing process. A C-Section is the surgical delivery of a baby that involves making incisions in the mother’s abdominal wall and uterus.

Most of the time, this choice is made by the doctor because of medical situations that make vaginal birth risky or in case of an emergency. However, there are a lot of women who make the conscious decision to deliver by cesarean rather than go through painful labour and delivering vaginally. Whatever category you fall into, here are a few truths about C – section from experienced mothers that will help you be better prepared for what to expect on D-Day.  Read on:

1. No pain, no gain:

Although it is a general understanding that C-Section is less painful, the anaesthetic needle to the spine which is meant to prevent pain itself hurts a lot. Ironic much?

2. Fear Factor:

Anyone who has had a C-section is familiar with the cold fear that enters your heart when you are trapped down on the operating table while fully conscious. It feel like you are in an episode of ‘Dexter’.

3. Prep Time, Milady:

Not many visualise what preparing for the procedure is like. Of course, it is hard to imagine what it must be like to behave well and be catheterized, simultaneously, that too before the pain medication kicks in. Fun times!


4. Make it yourself!

Right from meditating to orgasming, a lot is talked about the marvel of natural birth. However, not many know that your C-Section delivery does not have to be boring either. You can add a few things that make your experience more personal. For example, some women with scheduled C-sections request to have certain music played, or practice hypnobirth on the operating table. Welcoming your child into the world with your favourite music in the background, now that is pretty cool!

5. (S)mothering done right!

At one point, the doctor have to press their body weight on your upper body to pop your baby out. Many women are taken aback by this smothering sensation.

6. Got something on your mind?

Since only the lower half of your body is under the influence of anesthesia, your mind is free to wander during the surgery.  This can be a bit daunting as you are wide awake and aware and hear words like “scalpel”- the very same scalpel that is about to cut you open!

7. The six week strike:

You might not have pushed a baby out of your vagina but the ‘no sex for 6 weeks’ rule is a good call for you as well. This surgery was no easy feat!

8. To each their own:

Sadly, there are a few people in the society who secretly judge mothers who go for cesarean over vaginal birth. To them, this is the “easier” way out. Do not let any of this affect you, ever. Every birth is unique and every birth is natural.  You might be conscious these thing before you give birth but once you hold your baby, all this will fade like background noise.

No matter which path they choose, every mother is a trooper!

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