Leaky Breasts – Why It Happens and What Can Be Done

Motherhood comes with a lot of responsibilities and challenges one of them being breastfeeding. If and when you decide to breastfeed your child instead of going for formula, you take up a huge responsibility.

Your baby is completely dependent on you for all the nourishment they require.

Breastfeeding comes with a lot of difficulties and unforeseen circumstances. Mothers always keep wondering what the best position to feed their baby is. Amongst all these things, there is also the issue of having leaky breasts. Having leaky breasts is a sign of the abundance of milk and you can rest assured that your baby will always have sufficient to feed upon; but in certain cases, these can be really embarrassing. 

Take a look at why this happens and what you can do about it:

Why it happens.

Mothers usually experience breast leaking in mornings or late at night. This happens because of excessive accumulation of milk in the mammary glands or when hormone oxytocin triggers the muscle cells inside your breast, which leads to further squeezing out of your breast milk. This can happen when you are in the shower or in a relatively hot environment since heat promotes milk flow.

This can also happen when you are feeding your baby from your other breast or if you hear your little one cry. Leaking of breasts is usually common within the first few weeks after delivery, after which your body pretty much adjusts to your baby’s feeding and sleeping schedules.

How to prevent your breasts from leaking:

1. Breast pads – wear breast pads inside your bra so as to allow the milk to be soaked into them. Change them at regular intervals so as to prevent your nipples from becoming sore. If you are going out, carry an extra pair.

2. Washable plastic breast shells – if you sterilize them, you can collect and store this milk by freezing it for later use.

3. Wear patterned clothing – if you are going out of the house, try to wear patterned clothing that will camouflage any milk stains. Also, carry a spare bra and a top.

4. Apply gentle pressure – If you happen to feel that tingly sensation of milk let down, gently press your palms to your breasts of hug yourself by crossing your arms over your chest.

5. Jackets and Sweater – Remember how you used to tie your jacket around your waist to hide a period stain? Well, seems like jackets and sweaters always come to the rescue of women. If you feel that a stain has spread too far and cannot be disguised by the print of your dress, then just put on your overcoat.

6. Manual expression of milk – Although leaking breasts are a sign of abundance and health, they can clog some ducts in your breasts at times. So make sure you either allow your baby to feed or manually express milk (if out and away from your little one) to reduce the pressure that is forming inside your breasts.

7. Relax and laugh it off – Remember that you’ve just created life and breast leaking is one of your smaller concerns and is perfectly natural. You do not need to be embarrassed by this and it is perfectly alright if once in a blue-moon, your precaution goes amiss.

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