5 Household Chores to Avoid While You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy is one of the most happening time in a woman’s life. You go through all the changes that your body can bear. You need to take care of all the things that might affect your baby’s health and you are supposed to eat and sleep in the proper manner. But then, though you are an expectant mother, you are a wife and a daughter-in-law too. And in the patriarchal society that we live in, it is expected from the woman to do all the household work.

Yet, there are some things and works which you just should not do while you are pregnant as it might not only affect you but your child as well. We understand you will work no matter what but just take care of these few chores for your baby’s sake. 

1. Cleaning the bathroom

Yes, cleanliness, especially in the bathroom, is really important. But then, cleaning the bathroom will include a lot of chemicals and it is important that you do not inhale any of these chemicals. They might have severe health effects on not just you but your baby too. So, avoid cleaning the bathroom at all costs and if you still need to do it then do it with just water.

2. Cleaning the clothes

There are a lot of risks in doing laundry when you are pregnant which include premature labor and high blood pressure. Also, bending and picking up clothes tends to strain your back more which will make both you and the baby uncomfortable. So, it’s better you stay away from it and take help from someone else.

3. Vacuum cleaning the house

Pregnancy is supposed to be a time for you to rest and save energy most of which is being used up by your baby. Thus, it is not recommended to strain yourself in any manner at any point. Cleaning your house normally or with vacuum cleaner puts a strain on your back which is not good for you or your child. Plus, you will have to keep walking and be on your feet the entire time which too can be problematic for you and your baby’s health. So, it’s in your interest to pass it on to someone else.

4. Cleaning ceiling fans or climbing up

You have a whole new life being made inside you. Which means now you are not just one person but two. And with that belly of yours protruding out, your center of gravity will shift. Thus, it will become difficult to balance yourself on a stool or ladder. And one misstep can be fatal for your little one or even you. Thus, it’s better you take rest from doing this too.

5. Pet Litter Cleaning

This is a very big no-no for all pregnant women. There are a lot of fatal diseases that can be transmitted to you and your baby through pet feces and especially if you have a cat. Thus, it is your responsibility to stay away from your pet’s feces if not for your own then for your baby’s sake. Let someone else take up this responsibility for some time.


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