5 Very Important Health Tips for New Moms

So, you have finally become a mother. Your dream has come true and you have a lovely little baby with you whom you already love more than anything in the world. To get to this point you and your body has gone through a lot. The past nine months were the harshest, toughest time of your life but yes indeed it was all worth it.

But what now? Yes, you are a mother and yes you are really happy. But that happiness alone won’t help you raise your child while taking care of yourself. Although with time you will gain experience and will be able to understand everything, you still need help initially. Thus, we bring to you some important tips that you should definitely follow.

1. It’s time to drink more water

The most important liquid for a human body is water. We cannot live without it and thus we have to keep ourselves hydrated. Normally, human body loses water due to absorption, urine and body heat. But after childbirth, your child too is sucking a lot of water out of you in the form of breast milk. So, it’s time you hit the water bottles and keep yourself hydrated for not just your own but your baby’s sake as well.

2. Listen to your inner gut feeling

It’s not easy raising a child and god knows it too. So, he gave mothers this inbuilt maternal instinct that is right almost every time. This sixth sense is very precious and it is going to stay with you throughout your life now. So trust it and follow it. You might be wrong a couple of times but mostly you will be right.

3. Sleepytime is always needed

So, not able to sleep properly at night because your little bundle of joy starts crying every now and then? Well, you will have to get used to it. That little child is so innocent that s/he just doesn’t know how tired her mommy is and that she needs some snooze time. But hey, here’s an idea. Why is it that you need to sleep only at night? Why not get some sleep every chance you get? Sleep is one of the most important functions we perform. Our mind and body need rest from the tiring day and thus it is important that you get the optimum sleep. So, every time your little one sleeps, you sleep too. If you feel you just can’t-do it without help, tell your hubby to stay back once a while and take care of the baby while you get that most needed sleep.

4. Call the doctor anytime you want

Don’t ever hesitate to buzz your doctor when it comes to you and your darling’s health. And don’t worry, they won’t mind. They are in a habit of mothers calling them at any time of the day and asking them what to do and how to do it. So talk to them and call them at anytime you feel you need some help. It comes in the job description for them to get calls at odd hours and help out their patients.

5. Stay calm through it

Yes, it’s a new experience and obviously, there will be problems. But you freaking out will only make it worse for the baby, your own health and your loved ones. So, whenever you are about to freak out, just take a deep breath and calm yourself down. Then, figure out what to do about it and if you can’t handle the problem alone then get help. You are a new mother and no one expects you to be the perfect mom in one go. It’s okay even if you make mistakes so instead of freaking out, find the remedy.

Motherhood is basically a roller coaster on which you will have to sit the entire time. It will have its ups and it will have its downs. Yet, it will become the best experience of your entire life. No matter how tired you will feel or how worried you will be about anything. When you will see the smile on your little baby’s face, everything negative will turn positive in a split second. 

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