Are You Taking Care Of Your Child’s Mental Health

Every other day we come across cases of students committing suicide. These days, children are forced to participate in running competition even before they learn how to walk. Switch on your Televisions and you will see how Reality TV shows showcase multiple talents of different children. This display of talents has been putting mental pressure on parents as well as children to succeed in life.

In our obsession to be the best we often forget that our tender children need to cherish their childhood. Just like us, even when they have grown up, they need some sweet and relaxing memories and not stressful memories of running around from one class to another. Here are few tips on how you can take care of your child’s mental health during his growing years…

1. Spend Quality Time With Your Children Daily 

We all have a busy schedule and it is often difficult for working parents to spend quality time with their children. But at least once a day, you should spare 10 mins for your child. One question that can make any child’s day better is ”’How was your day?’. When as a parent we ask a child how was their day, they feel we are involved in their lives and it also gives them an open window to discuss their problems and needs. Many a time children need our emotional support rather than luxuries. Simultaneously, even if we share how our day went with them, that gives them an opportunity to understand that how hard we work for their better future. 

Even if you go out for a movie or shopping ensure that you are off your cell phones, office work will keep going but your children will grow in a fraction of a second.

2. Do Not Pressurise Them

It is perfectly normal if your child does not go for that sports class which your friend’s son is going. It is perfectly normal if his/her grades are average. Children just need to learn to survive first and then to excel. They already have enough peer pressure to deal with so let them first learn to survive in the world.

3. Allow Them To Pursue A Hobby Of Their Choice

Some children may like drawing, some may like dancing, allow them to pursue one hobby along with their routine studies so that they can relax and de-stress themselves during the same. 

4. Do Not Take Decisions On Their Behalf 

Well as per me, the importance of education is decision-making. It does not matter, whether your child scores 100 % but he should be able to take his own decisions and also bear the consequences of the same. Training them in rational decision making will help them ease their professional life in future. 

5. Tell Them Your Love For Them Is Unconditional

For a child, his parent’s unconditional love means a lot. Accepting your children and loving them as they are, despite their weakness, without prejudice gives them an immense strength mentally. 

To take care of your child’s mental health it is important that you are a part of their daily lives. This will keep them away from vices such as substance abuse,  alcohol and in worst case scenario Suicides. 

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