How Soon Is It Okay To Take Your Newborn Baby Outside?

It’s quite difficult to give a general timeline of when you should take your little one out of the house, as it all depends on which season of the year they were born. If they were born in winter, it’s best to wait longer before stepping out with them.    

Most pediatricians advise you to keep your baby indoors for the first two months, but that’s to be on an extreme safe side, as you can’t control the virus that spreads through the air or the environment. On an overall note, the myth that you should keep your baby at home for as long as possible is quite false. They, like us, would appreciate a change of scenery and environment once in a while.

There are just a few precautions you should take while going out with them. As much as possible, keep them away from direct sunlight. Their skin is quite fragile and not ready for direct exposure to UV rays yet.

Wrap them up in as many layers as you would dress yourself in, and keep an extra blanket just in case.     

There’s nothing wrong with taking your baby out with you for a walk or to run errands, but avoid places that may involve them being surrounded by or coming in contact with a lot of people. Your baby’s immunity system has only just started developing, and treating a newborn for sickness is difficult. Places which may have sick people in the vicinity should be avoided. Try to ensure as much as possible that anyone who would like to carry or play with your baby has just washed their hands, just to minimize the risk of exposure to unwanted bacteria.

As common sense would tell you, in cases of extreme temperatures, it’s best to stay indoors.

If you’ve found a time where your child responds best to an outdoor adventure, it’s advised to stay prepared. If it coincides with their meal time, carry food and bibs with you. If it coincides with their diaper changing time, then carry a set of fresh nappies along. It’s best to avoid a tantrum in a public place, as it gets quite stressful for you as well as the people around you. 

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