Husbands Confess: What They Love About Their Wives

Husbands are not ones to talk much, are they? You rarely find them confessing their undying love to you. Here are few such confessions we managed to get from men who adore their wives.

1. “There are so many things I love about my wife that it’s difficult to pick just one. But if I had to, then the way she takes care of the household every day will always be on the top of the list. She makes it look so easy but I know it isn’t. I always feel like I have not told her enough times how grateful I am that she’s in my life”

Care – Every little thing you do for your family does not go unnoticed. Your husband appreciates how much effort you put into taking care of everyone. After all, you’re that piece of the puzzle that completes everything.

2. “I never thought my wife could look more beautiful than she did on our wedding day. But I was clearly wrong. The day I saw her hold our precious little daughter in her arms, I was overwhelmed with emotions. All she remembers from that day is the pain, the pushing, the sweat and finally our bundle of joy in her arms. But her sweaty face that spilled tears as our daughter yawned was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen” 

Motherhood – Motherhood is a feeling beyond words. After carrying your child for 9 months in the womb, when you finally give birth to a tiny little human, time stands still. It’s important to note that it’s not just you (although you make up a large part of it), your husband is part of this experience too. He might be a rambling, confused mess at the time of your labour but he’ll savour those moments for the rest of his life.

3. “Sometimes I come home after a long day at work and as soon as my wife opens the door and smiles at me, everything seems better. I know it’s cheesy as hell but the days that start and end with a smile from my wife are some of the best ones. I try to make her laugh too as much as I can and it’s easy because we share the same sense of humour”

Smile – The simplest act of showing affection is a smile. It takes almost no time but it can actually make someone’s day (Ahem, we mean your husband ofcourse). It’s the best accessory to wear and it goes amazingly well with any outfit 😉

4. “When I first met my wife, she was so mysterious. I could never predict what she’d say or do next. Like I would ask her about her school friends and she’d say something like ‘I had a few. We had fun’. I eventually wore her down of course but there’s still a lot of mystery left in our relationship and I’m a sucker for it. I know how communication is the key to a good marriage and we do talk a lot but my wife could’ve planned a trip to Goa and she’d keep it a secret until the last possible minute(True story)”

Mystery – The unpredictability will challenge your other half to up his game and keep up with you. Mystery makes everything interesting. Secrets are meant for keeping but drawing them out will be a super fun and titillating thing for your husband to do.

5. “My wife is amazing not just as a wife but as a human being in general. She supports me and is always there for me in my time of need. There have been many low points in my life but I knew my wife had my back even at those moments. She’s a hero without a cape. I value her advice and partnership a lot and tend to go to her for just about anything”

Partnership – Being there for each other is what a marriage is all about. It’s simple – You have him and he has you regardless of anyone else in your life. So be his best friend, his bae, his confidant and remember that everything you expect out of him, he expects it out of you too. 

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