Some Tips to Take Care of Your Baby at Night

Babies are little innocent beings who are yet to learn almost everything about how everything works and the concept of time. Though there is a biological clock in babies too and they do have some sort of schedule, it does not coincide with the parents and thus it becomes a problem for the parents. Especially during the night, it is a bigger problem as the mother is tired from the entire day and as soon as she sleeps the baby starts crying.

Take a sigh of relief mommies because we are gonna tell you some tips you can use to quickly calm your baby down during night time and get that sleep you so desire.

1. Put them down when they are calm and not when they are asleep already 

One of the mistakes that mothers tend to do is that they put the baby in the crib after they are asleep and because of this, the baby wakes up as soon as the mother mover her hand and then s/he starts crying again. So, try putting your baby in the crib when they are calm and are sleepy and not when they have slept already. That way there are fewer chances that you will disturb them and wake them up.

2. Practice calming strategies

There will be times when the child will not calm down even after feeding or even after you have changed their diaper. This generally happens when they are unable to find a comfortable position and are thus are irritated. The best way is to use all that comfortable positions you had practiced. And if it doesn’t work just offer them one of your breasts to suck on. Even if they are full, sucking on the breast will make them calmer. Also, for the baby, the best calming position is the skin to skin contact.

3. Make them sleep with you for first six months

A newborn’s biological clock is in no way going to work like your own. They need constant feeding after every couple of hours even during the night. So, instead of getting up every time your baby gets irritated or wants to feed, it’s better that they sleep with you on the bed between you and your husband. This way, you can feed them anytime you want and even calm them down without even getting out of your bed.

4. Take note of hungry signs

Babies don’t start crying all of a sudden when they are hungry. Even they give some signs and wait for you before they start crying. Though these signs might be a bit subtle, once you start noticing them you’ll be able to feed them early on and calm them down thereby you will get through the night without them crying. A few obvious early feeding cues include finger sucking, restlessness, and murmuring sounds.

5. Make the feeding easier and simpler

Yes, you will probably have to be awake while your baby feeds even during night and yes you will have to do it every single day. But, there is a way you can make it comfortable for yourself and even you can rest while the baby feeds. All you have to do is just find a comfortable position for you in which even you can rest. This way you can sleep a little even while the baby sleeps and maybe you won’t be as tired the entire day.

Our little-loved ones are cute little creatures who need our care and love in the early days of their lives as much as they can get and even after that. But that doesn’t mean we too cannot be comfortable while taking care of them. Just try finding new and innovative ways of being comfortable and you will be fine. 

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