5 Unbelievable Things You Didn’t Know About Breasts

Breasts are unarguably the most amazing part of the female body. Be it toning your figure or feeding your baby, these babies can multitask and you ought to love them for more than just a few reasons. Approaching puberty, women experience the secretion of estrogen and growth hormone, which causes the development of breasts. They are made up of glandular fat tissue and are popularly known as ‘mammary glands’ in biological terms.

Biology aside, here are a few unbelievable things that you did not know about breasts:

1. Orgasm via breast stimulation.

Believe it or not, your breasts are just as sensitive as your clitoris. A great percentage of women have reported reaching orgasms by mere breast stimulation and fondling. So, ladies, you don’t necessarily need to have sex for experiencing paradise, as they so call it.

2. Your breasts are more fraternal than identical.

Considering that all of us have a symmetrical figure, we naturally assume that our boob symmetry is similar too; but it is not so. We may not realize this, but all our features are slightly asymmetrical, and so are our breasts. In a study conducted and published in the International Journal of Science and Clothing, it was found that most women had a larger left breast than the right.

3. Smoking during pregnancy affects your boobs in extremely different ways.

A vital protein, known as Elastin, gives your breasts elasticity without causing a tear. Smoking on a continuous basis, causes this protein to break down and leads to sagging of your boobs. While on the other hand, your first pregnancy makes your breasts larger and gives you a fuller bosom. Consecutive pregnancies may cause your breasts to travel south.

4. Your breast size changes, all the time.

If you feel that your boobs have been forever the same size, you are gravely mistaken. In fact, your breasts change sizes so often that you do not even realize. Along with your menstrual cycle, your hormones change and hence other bodily elements undergo subtle changes too. These changes are usually temporary and unnoticeable. Your period cycle can cause your breasts to become bigger.

5. Your nipples have different shapes and sizes too!

So it is not just your breasts that are of different sizes, but also your nipples. Some women have a normal nipple, or a flat nipple or an inverted one. You can look up the internet to get a better image of these in your mind. Either way, this does not affect your choice of a bra.

6. Humans are the only animals with 24/7 boobs.

That’s right. Human beings are the only mammals who have permanently inflated boobs. Most other animals that give birth to young ones either grow boobs or have hidden boobs up until their little one is born. Is this not absolutely fascinating?!

Whatever your boob size and shape, you need to remember that you are beautiful and do not need to get affected by any fanatical social norms.

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