7 Foods That Help Increase Your Baby’s Weight

Parents are often worried that their baby is underweight and it might be because s/he isn’t receiving enough nutrition. While this isn’t true in all cases it won’t hurt to have your baby eat foods that will aid in his or her development and weight gaining.  

1. Milk

If your baby is a year old or younger then breast milk is the best choice. It contains all the required nutrients for the healthy development of your baby. It is also easily digestible so it rarely causes constipation problems. After the first 6 months, you can give your child breast milk along with solid or semi-solid food. 

Once your child turns a year old, you can even give her cow’s milk up to 3 servings a day.


2. Banana

Bananas are a rich source of carbohydrates, potassium, fiber, vitamin C and B6. You can start introducing this into your child’s diet after 6 months of age. You can mash it and feed it as is or make it into a smoothie or a pudding. They provide energy that lasts throughout the day and regular intake of bananas also aids in healthy weight gain for your child.

3. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are super nutritious and not to mention, delicious. They are high in vitamin A, C, B6, Copper, manganese, and potassium. They can be boiled and mashed or you can even mix it with milk before giving it to your little one. They’re a great first food for your baby to enjoy.

4. Chicken

Chicken is usually introduced after the first 8 months. It is a protein food that is rich in cholesterol too which will help in increasing your baby’s weight. You can make chicken soup, a puree or mix boiled chicken flesh pieces with rice to make it yummy.

5. Ghee

Our own desi ghee, also known as purified butter is an amazing weight-gaining food. You can add around a teaspoon of ghee to your baby’s meal. But it might be hard to digest for some babies so introduce it in moderate quantities and increase it accordingly. Homemade ghee is the best choice since it’s free of any sort of coloring agents or preservatives.

6. Ragi

Ragi, also called as finger millet is full of calcium, protein, iron, dietary fiber, and other minerals that are essential for healthy weight gaining and development of your baby. It is easily digestible and it is recommended that you include it in your baby’s diet as early as possible. You can make a simple ragi porridge or dosas and idlis once your baby grows a little older.

7. Egg

Egg yolk is completely safe and healthy for your baby to consume but egg white is allergenic so it’s best to avoid it until your baby turns a year old. You can make several delicious egg yolk recipes that will provide your baby with the right kind of vitamins and nutrients to make her strong and healthy.

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