Food Chart for 2 Year Olds

It is quite a task for mothers to feed their children once they start eating solid foods. What to feed them, when to feed them and what to steer clear of; all this requires proper thought and execution. While we are busy taking into consideration what others think fit and what might be healthy for our baby, we completely forget to take into account several other factors.

These other factors might be anything ranging from – your baby’s eating habits, seasonal availability of food items to allergies. Remember that 2-year-olds are proficient eaters and can eat a vast range of food items provided that they are not too spicy. Let us find out what we ought to feed our little ones, once they turn 2.

Here is a food chart for your two-year-old:

1. Breakfast.

It will be better if you give your baby a healthy start since breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. For breakfast, you can give them – brown bread, cucumber and tomato sandwich; a small parantha (the filling could be according to your choice); vegetable poha; ragi dosa; upma or sevai; oatmeal with full cream milk; etc. Do not forget to accompany these items with a glass of wholesome milk.

2. Mid-morning.

It is quite possible that children take a nap after their morning breakfast and wake up after a couple of hours. It might not be conducive to make them wait up until lunch to eat. For their mid-morning hunger, you could give them – half a bowl of fruits, whole-wheat biscuits, crackers, sweet lime juice or any milkshake. Note that their mid-morning meal should be a little lighter, in order to enable them to have lunch in the afternoon.

3. Lunch.

Two-year-olds can eat everything that you yourself would put on your plate, albeit not too spicy. For lunch, you could serve them with – dal, rice, curry (you can use whichever vegetable you prefer to make the curry), chapati with ghee, curd/raita, chole with puri, cucumber and tomato slices, lemon rice with sambar, lauki sabji or any other different sabji.

While we are excited for our little ones to have a healthy growth, we ought to remember that they have a small stomach and can only eat so much, so make sure you don’t over-feed them or they might throw out their food.

4. Afternoon/Evening snack.

For their afternoon snack, you could give them – poha, cutlet, hara bhara kebab, orange wedges, fruit yoghurt, cornflakes with milk, fruit juices or smoothies. You can accompany the solid food items with half a glass of milk.

5. Dinner.

The same rules as those for lunch, also apply to dinner as well. For dinner, you could serve your little ones with – roti and paneer, tomato soup and red rice pulao, dal/methi parantha, vegetable curry, curd, etc. If you are a non-vegetarian, then you could also give them boiled or cooked pieces of chicken and fish.

It’s a good thing to want your children to eat healthy all the time, but once in a while, do give in to their demands for treats.   

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