Narcolepsy During Pregnancy- 5 Reasons Why You Feel Sleepy During Daytime

Sleeping is the most important activity one does in his/her day. Sleep is something that your brain and other organs need to rest themselves so that they can be refreshed and ready for your use the next day. The amount of sleep you need is directly dependent on your age, your physique and the amount of exertion you have during the day. Speaking of exertion, we all know pregnant women tend to exert themselves more even while doing the most basic of tasks. Thus, it is obvious that they need more sleep. Yet, apart from exertion, there can be other reasons why you feel so sleepy during the day. SOme of these reasons are mentioned below.

1. Low levels of hypocretin

Hypocretin is a type of neurotransmitter which is responsible for REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. REM sleep is one of the most important phases of sleep and this neurotransmitter is responsible for waking up the person from REM sleep. Having low levels of the neurotransmitter results in long sleeping hours which are sometimes bad.

2. Genetic Changes

Scientists have identified a gene mutation which is directly responsible for narcolepsy. This gene, known as HLA-DQB1, is responsible for producing the right type of protein for self-preservation of your body. Being responsible for your immune system, changes in the gene can cause narcolepsy.

3. Stress

Pregnancy is tough on a mother and with these increased responsibilities, it is obvious that the mother ends up taking more stress. Though people think that more stress tends to reduce sleep, sometimes it has an opposite effect and the mother tends to feel more sleepy which is not good for her health.

4. Hormonal changes

Pregnant women undergo a bunch of changes in their bodies both internally and externally. And the root cause of all the internal changes that occur in a pregnant woman is hormonal change. Basically, in order to protect the baby and keep the child in a comfortable environment, your brain floods your body with all kinds of hormone secretions. Due to these imbalances, your body is exerted more and thus you feel sleepy very often and for a long time.

5. Head Injury or Some Illness

Another less likely reason for you having narcolepsy is some sort of injury on your head or even an illness. When the body is attacked by antigens, the body sends its own fighters (WBC) which are responsible for sending these illnesses out of your body. As the body needs to put its energy into fighting the disease, the brain sends a signal to you to rest and sleep. Also, if there is some head injury, the brain needs its concentration to heal the injury and thereby resulting in you feeling sleepy.

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