Watch How An Amazing Newborn Starts Walking Immediately After Birth!

Defying the beliefs of the nurse, the development stages of infants and even gravity, this tiny infant stood on her own two little legs and started walking just minutes after she was born!

In a video that is taking everyone by surprise, the baby, which is about to be given a bath by the hospital staff, had other intentions. When the baby was about to be held by the midwife, the baby moves out of her grasp and starts walking!

In this video, you can see the midwife, wearing a surgical costume and a clinical mask, exclaiming in Portuguese, “Oh my god, this is a miracle, a miracle!”

You can hear another person saying from the other side of the room, “Wait, let me record this!”

The midwife, showing the gap on the table, says “If I want to bathe her, she wants to walk from here to there!”

This video has been obtained from Santa Cruz Hospital in Rio Grande Soul, Brazil. Newborns generally begin to walk around 12 months after they are born. And this is after they have crossed the stages of hand-eye coordination, sitting down and crawling.

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