What Labour Pain Is And How It Happens – Watch And Find Out!

During your pregnancy, your baby is surrounded by a fluid-filled bag which called the amniotic sac. At the very beginning of your delivery, along with contractions, the membrane of your amniotic sac will be broken. This will leave a bleak discharge from your body, also called as water breaking.

Importance of the membrane during pregnancy

The membrane exists in order to protect the baby during pregnancy. The membrane provides protection to the infant from external jerks or germs and infections from outside. In the membrane, the infant also gets space to move its hands and feet.

How does it feel when the water breaks?

Most women experience normal or medium intensity contractions before their water breaks, which gives them an indication about it. In some women, the water breaks in the last phase of delivery, which is why she might not be able to feel the water breaking.

When your water breaks, it would feel like something is falling from your body – like something is flowing out of you.

How to distinguish between water and urine?

To find a difference between water and urine, you must wear a clean dry panties. Put on a pad or a panty liner on it. If you don’t have either of them, then you should put in a clean cotton cloth, folded, in your panties. After this, you’ll have to lie flat for half an hour. If there’s any water released from your vagina, then it will coagulate close to the vagina.

How long will you be able to handle yourself after your water breaks?

Pregnant women are advised to give birth within 24 hours after her water breaks. But in this day and age, women can give birth as per their convenience.

What is the color of the water? Does it have any smell?

The liquid found in Amniotic sac is 99% water. Therefore, the water released from the vagina would be colorless, although it might have a light yellowish or pinkish tinge to it. The water is also odorless.

If you’ve crossed the delivery date, then some amount of the baby’s first stool may come out along with your water.

Why does the water break during pregnancy?

Your body naturally knows when your baby is fully developed in the womb. There will also be special hormones in your body which will prompt the baby to break the pouch. Thus the water is broken and the baby makes its way outside.

Occasionally, there might be water discharge before due time. This is only due to the internal changes that are taking place in your body.

What to do if the water breaks long before delivery date?

Water discharge is common among pregnant women. If your baby starts trying to get out of your vagina before the delivery date, then you needn’t worry too much. It happens to about 10% of women. During this time, your vagina will have a small amount of water flow.

This is the most precious stage of a pregnant woman’s life. If this has helped you in any way, let other moms benefit from it by sharing it. Thanks!

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