6 Tips And Precautions To Get Through Monsoon Pregnancies

It is easy to fall sick during the monsoon season. The weather outside is sticky and humid when it isn’t raining. All you want to do is stay as comfortable and warm as possible during your pregnancy but the weather just doesn’t allow you to. Add to it the crazy mood swings that you get and you already feel like grabbing some chai and fried snacks. So how do you stay safe, warm comfy and healthy this season? Read on to find out!

1. Wear the right clothes

During monsoons, you should wear clothes that are loose and comfortable. The clothes you wear should fall freely around your baby bump. Don’t walk around in heels or barefoot during monsoons because there is a high probability that you will slip and fall. You should opt for rain shoes like rubber boots so you don’t slip and so that your feet stay clean.

2. Raw fruit and vegetables

Cut fruit kept in the open can go stale quickly during the monsoon. The same goes for vegetables. Consume the fruits as soon as they are cut and served. In case of vegetables, eat them only after boiling them and cooking them thoroughly. This will ensure that all the germs and bacteria are killed. You should get your daily intake of fruits and veggies as these are your main source of vitamins and minerals. Eat lots of fruit like oranges and mosambi this rainy season.

3. Drink enough water

You may think that during monsoons, you don’t have to drink much water. But due to the humidity, you should, in fact, consume drink water to ensure you don’t catch any infection. Dehydration is common in pregnant women during monsoons. This is why you should drink 2-2.5 litres of water during this season.

4. Keep your house clean

You should clean your house regularly during the monsoon as there are higher chances of infestation. Mosquitoes, cockroaches and other insects will all try to find a home in your home. This is why you should not only keep your house clean but also call pest control when necessary.

5. Steer off street food

Street food is dangerous, particularly during the monsoon. Especially when it comes to snacks like gol gappas where water is used to make the snacks. There is no assurance that the water is not infested. Also, since the rain comes and goes, there is a high probability of getting food poisoning. So, avoid street food during monsoon. If you must have chaats, have home-made snacks. 

6. Wash your hands and feet

As soon as get back home, wash your hands and feet. Wash well and wash often. Keeping your hands and feet clean will keep infections and fevers at bay.

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