MUST WATCH: Toddler Without Limbs Climbs Slide On His Own


Video Credits: Original video taken and uploaded by Katie Whiddon on YouTube.

Katie Whiddon, from Denton, Texas, had recently uploaded a video of her three-year-old son climbing a slide and it is going viral. You might be wondering – what is so great about a toddler climbing up a slide? Yes, there is nothing great about it. Everyone can climb a slide – even little children without arms and legs.

This is exactly what three-year-old Camden proved. He was determined to climb the slide without any help from his mother. As he was climbing up, his mother stood by with sweet words of encouragement. It was truly heartwarming to hear his little giggles as he climbed each step and his adorable smile as he slid down the slide.

Video Credits: Original video taken and uploaded by Katie Whiddon on YouTube.

This is not the first time Camden showed how he is just like any other toddler. Earlier this month, a video of him and his baby brother, Jaxton went viral. He rolled over on his back and then helped his brother by putting the pacifier back into little Jaxton’s mouth.

His mother Katie says that this isn’t the first time he has been helpful and loving towards his siblings. He had done the same for his sister Ryleigh when she was a baby. So these videos are just normal simple videos to them. They never expected them to go viral.

His mother says “If Camden can be so positive about his appearance and so determined about everything he does at such a young age despite all the ‘challenges’ everyone thinks he has, then I don’t see why anyone should feel sad for him. Camden is a brilliant and incredible kid and if everyone would take the time to give him a chance, then they would see just that.

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