Pains During Pregnancy and Which Ones You Should Be Worried About

Pregnancy is the time where your body undergoes a lot of changes physically, mentally and emotionally. The pain that a mother experiences during childbirth is indeed the harshest pain anyone could ever experience. But apart from that, during the pregnancy too there are certain types of pains a to-be mother tends to experience. Though most of these pains are comparatively less dangerous, there are certain pains you should definitely take care of. Here is a list of some of these pains you face during pregnancy.

1. Sinus Pain

You will feel intense pain around your eyes, on your head and around the nose. The most common reason for this pain is an infection or an allergy. Due to the allergy, there is swelling in the internal muscles of the nose which reduces blood flow to the nose.

2. Migraine Pain

This is one of the dangerous pains you will face. The common symptoms of you having migraine pain is a headache and an aversion to brightness. If it worsens it results in dizziness, vomiting, blurry vision and even fainting.

3. Backache

One of the most common pains that a pregnant woman faces is a backache. As your tummy protrudes outside, your spine comes under more pressure to balance your body. Due to this extra load, the muscles get worked up more and thus it feels painful.

4. Swelling and pain in hands and legs

In this condition, the best thing to do is to rest and wait until the child is born. Basically, due to the exertion and weight of another human being inside the body, the body’s other parts start reacting and this results in swelling. And due to the swelling, the mother feels pain at the joints.

5. Strain and pain in the eyes

Your eyes are directly related to your blood pressure. Thus, the changes in blood pressure often tend to affect your eyes and eyesight which results in more strain and even pain. During pregnancy, the blood pressure of your body tends to fluctuate and due to this, there are high possibilities that it will affect your eyesight or at least put more strain on it.

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