Stock-Up These Kids Essentials This Big Billion Day

Kids are cute little angels who make our lives a better one with their mere presence. Once you have a child there are so many things you need to look out for in order to make your little one’s life more comfortable. With so many things available in the market, you must have encountered a budget cut while buying all those fancy things for your tiny tot and waiting for a sale to drop in must be taking a toll on you.

Diapers, creams, powders, clothes, toys, bath care products…you name it! Everything is sometimes so expensive that you have to cut down on your desires and wishlist. Worry not – for Flipkart’s Big Billion Day is here! Here’s everything you need to buy for your little ball of love right away!

1. Boys Clothing

Is your kid already a toddler? Has he already grown out of his onesie? Don’t worry, toddler clothing is more fun to shop for since you have unlimited options. You can go for fun cotton t-shirts, and pants.

Also, make sure to stack up on cotton pyjamas for your little one. Buy a pack of 12 pyjamas at an affordable price here.

2. Girls Clothing

Little girls love wearing fancy frocks and skirts. They will look super cute in colourful t-shirts and shorts as well. To shop for your little princess, click here.

You can now avail them at Min 50% discount only from Flipkart’s Big Billion Sale day!

3. Toys

Babies love toys that are colourful and interactive. Toys that make a squeaking or crackling sound, like rattles or ones that are soft and cuddly, are always a win. Click here to check out a huge collection of baby rattles at discounted rates.

Since your baby will be spending a lot of his/her time in the crib, you can get a crib mobile to keep her entertained. A musical crib mobile will also help in comforting your baby during nap time. Check out this super cool 3-in-1 musical mobile crib.

If your baby is older than a year, s/he’ll be wanting to use his newly acquired motor skills. Toys like stacking rings, small puzzles and shape sorters will help him/her learn as s/he plays. Order your very own set of stacking rings here.

Boys and girls become very active as they grow and they will enjoy push and pull toys and even small ride-on bikes and cars. Flashy musical instruments are also a big hit among toddlers. Order a push and pull toy for your kid from Flipkart here.

4. Infant wear


If you are looking for comfort savvy baby clothes that are easy to remove and put on, onesies are your best bet! You can get cute and affordable onesies here.


A diaper that hugs your baby just like a mom’s embrace. Your baby deserves all that softness and the comfort to be relaxed and playful all the time. Your baby needs an all-round protection from the harmful bacteria that could have an effect on your baby’s health. The anti-rash technology will keep your baby’s bum soft and rash-free throughout the night so that the mornings will be fresher and happier!

Now you can avail these cool diapers for Min 30% Off discount only on Flipkart’s Big Billion Sale.

5. Infant Essentials

Feeding Bottles

You must be wondering how to carry your baby’s precious milk when you’re travelling or you’re going out with your baby. Feeding bottles which are leak proof are what you exactly need. These bottles are compact and they are leakproof!

Attach them to the breast pumps and collect milk for your baby. They are easy to carry and the nipple is stimulating enough for the baby to think of it as your nipple. So drinking milk will be easy for your baby now!

These bottles are available on Flipkart.

Baby Bath Essentials

The fresh smell of babies makes anybody’s heart melt. Your baby’s skin needs ample protection from all the harmful bacteria, germs, dryness and the pollution around him. Your baby needs something gentle and nice for his delicate skin. Give the care and love your baby needs!

Check out these amazing products here at Min 20 % discount on Flipkart’s Big Billion Sale.

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