Types of Husbands: What Kind Is Yours?

A woman never gets tired of talking about her husband. While some take pride in counting the positive qualities, others take an eternal pleasure in pointing out the drawbacks of their husbands. Based on such observations and gossips, the husband may be of the following types. The whole classification is a humorous take that will keep you entertained. Mentioned below are some interesting types of husbands. Go through each type and see which one defines your beloved the best. 

A baby more than a husband

Some men refuse to grow up, especially after marriage. From selecting their outfits to taking important decisions, everything depends on the green signal from the Home Minister. While some men enjoy being pampered and the adulation that comes their way, others do so out of compulsion.

The professional maniac

This is the complaint that almost all wives have. Most, if not all, husbands, are often found to prioritize their professional commitments over their wives. In fact, In most cases, the husbands are more like guests in their own house, leaving early in the morning and returning late at night. As a result, the wife feels neglected, setting the stage for World War III.

The sports buff

If women cannot live without shopping, men cannot imagine life without sports. Cricket, tennis, football or hockey, some men are just not able to give up on their passion even after marriage. They may forget their wife’s birthday, but never an important match. No matter how tired, they will not miss out on a single football or cricket match, even if that means staying awake the whole night. However, this passion becomes a bone of contention between the husband and the wife.

The clumsy husband

Some husbands are just not born to keep things, especially the wet towels in place. Whatever they do, it always ends up in a mess. Ask them to take charge of the kitchen for a day, and the next six days you spend cleaning the kitchen and putting things in order. No matter how much you taunt or ridicule them for their clumsiness, and no matter how many times they promise to turn over a new leaf, change is something that is just not happening anytime soon.

The social recluse

Some husbands hate socializing. While you would be waiting eagerly for parties and get together, he would grab every single opportunity to give the function a miss. Even if under pressure they end up attending the party, they will remain in one corner, away from the hustle bustle.

The great chef

This is one quality that fills most wives with a sense of pride. Much to the envy of other men, a husband who knows cooking is always a bonus. From world famous cuisines to their signature dish, they will never fail to surprise their wives. A fight or a date, the solution to all the problems lies in the magical hands of the husband.

The comedian

Some husbands are born comedians. Their impeccable sense of humour will leave you in splits. It is like enjoying a daily stand-up comedy free of cost.

The realistic husbands

In reality, the fairytale prince seldom exists. A term like perfect husband does not exist. There will be imperfections. But it is through these flaws, that you find a man of your dreams, a man who will fight with you, will annoy you, but will also make you smile and keep you happy. A little adjustment and your imperfect husband will make your life perfect.


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