Food Chart for 3 Year Olds

Three years is quite a good time at which to introduce all types of food items. By this age, your children have fully developed milk teeth and are capable of eating slightly spicy foods. Parents ought to draw out a nutritious diet plan for their kids to help them with their dietary and growth needs.

The food that you give your children should have a sufficient balance of – proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. Your little one might be a little rigid towards these in the beginning, but slowly and gradually they will learn to accept different types of food items.

Here is a look at the food chart for 3-year-olds:

1. Breakfast.

As we all have heard countless times, breakfast is an important meal of our day. Make sure that you give your children a filling breakfast accompanied by a glass of wholesome milk. For breakfast, you could give them – cinnamon raisin toast, brown bread with peanut butter, skim milk, whole grains (boiled or baked), meat or fish, nuts. It is extremely healthy to give your kids soaked almonds in the morning. Just make sure that they are soaked well the previous night.

2. Mid-morning breakfast/Brunch.

Unlike breakfast, brunch needs to be a light snack so that your little ones have space enough for lunch. For brunch, you could serve your kids with the following – blueberries, strawberries, fruit slices, honey, yoghurt, tomato soup, toasted wheat bread and milk.

3. Lunch.

In order to induce healthy eating habits, try to make your kids eat the same food that you yourselves have. Otherwise, they would get into the habit of having something different from the rest of the family members, which is not desirable in the long run. For lunch, you could give them – dal, any paneer based sabzi, chapati and a small cup of rice. In short, serve them everything that you would yourselves have on your plate, just take care that you do not serve them with food that is too spicy for them to handle.

4. Evening snacks.

Evening snacks must be light, but at the same time, it should give the required energy for your children to go out and play. Half a bowl of fruits, milkshakes, pancakes, hot chocolate, carrot sticks, juices, beans and other homemade snack dishes make up for a great evening snack. You could also make them – cutlet, idli, dosa, peanut butter or vegetable sandwich, poha, upma, etc.

5. Dinner.

Although dinner is the main meal, make sure that you leave enough time gap between dinner and sleep so that your little ones have enough time to digest what they have eaten. For dinner, you could serve them with – half a cup of masoor or tur dal, a small bowl of rice, chapatti or roti, vegetable sabzi, tomato soup or curry, etc. if you are a non-vegetarian, you could serve your kids with grilled or cooked pieces of chicken and fish too.

It is advisable for everyone to have a few slices of fruit after having done with dinner.

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