How To Be A Good Pregnancy Partner

As you’re about to become a new dad, you’re overwhelmed with every feeling that revolves around positivity. You must wonder what it feels to be pregnant and carrying around another little human inside you.

You might have annoyed your wife with a number of questions about her body and the changes that are visible. While trying to handle your inquisitiveness, she is trying to adjust to the new role and responsibilities, so you becoming a burden on her isn’t something you should be doing.

Here are 5 ways to help your wife through her pregnancy:

1.Be a listener

Pregnancy and childbirth aren’t a piece of cake, especially for the first time mommies. Ensure your partner that you’ll support her throughout the pregnancy and make her feel like you’re the only one she can vent out her anger or frustration no matter what. Even if it is as illogical as not being able to find the right socks.

2. Stop expecting her to be the same woman

Pregnancy will change her further.Remember, she isn’t the same because of the hormonal and emotional imbalances. Don’t create a scene by laughing at her for hating her favourite food, if she has a sudden burst of emotions and starts crying…hold her because she needs you the most. Be nice, kind and patient while dealing with her.

3. Understand her hunger pangs

Pregnant women have weird food cravings and it is not under their control at all. The thing with pregnant women is that one day if they like drinking hot chocolate the next day they might throw up even listening to it. Don’t get upset, just finish up the leftovers or else shove it in the freezer. Don’t make her eat things she doesn’t want to because it will piss her off and she will puke all over you.

4.Spread positive vibes

Be the bundle of joy for her before the little one steals the show. Your wife needs you to be positive and be with her always. The things you shouldn’t be doing is telling her scary stuff like labour pain, sagging boobs, stretch marks etc. instead help her love herself regardless of her flaws.

5. Educate yourself

Read and learn about what pregnancy does to the body mind and soul of a woman. It won’t be like the entire weight of pregnancy will be moved onto her side. You will be able to share equal responsibilities with her and she will be able to trust you completely.

The more you know about pregnancy, the better your wife will be able to talk to you about her problems and you’ll be in a better position to handle her mood swings. She will fall in love with you all over again after seeing this wonderful loving and caring side of you!

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