Some Tips to Bond With Your Unborn Baby

Pregnancy is a joyous time and you are supposed to love every aspect of it. As this is the time you get doped with a lot of hormones in your body, you tend to start having that motherly feeling and you just want to start bonding with your child already. And it’s completely normal to have that feeling. You want to feel the connection with your baby and just want him/her to understand you in any little way s/he can. We understand this completely and want you to bond with your child as well. To that effect, here are some ways you can use to bond with your unborn child

1. Talk

The best way to connect with your child is to start talking to them. After the first trimester, the child starts recognising sounds and starts understanding the meanings up to a certain extent. Thus, by talking to your child you can actually connect with him/her from very early on and maybe teach them a thing or two too.

2. Music

Everyone likes calm, soothing and good music. Singing some soothing song to your baby or playing it for them will help them recognise the tune and they will be able to understand it when once they come out of the womb. Music, in general, helps calm the baby down as well and if you have played some good music for your baby before he is even born, you will be able to calm him/her down after delivery by playing the same song.

3. Visualisation

Your mind is a powerful tool. It will construct what you want to see. So, visualize all good things such as holding your baby, playing with him, and enjoying those beautiful moments. In short, keep sending positive vibrations. It has a positive effect on your baby even after birth.

4. Check up talks

When it’s time for your monthly checkup, tell your baby that the doctor is going to check how he is doing in there and also show you how he is developing by each month. You can talk about the scan to him – describe his features and tell him how desperate you are to hold him in your hands. 

5. Touch

Last but not the least, we all know the power of touch. What mere words can’t explain even if they are spoken a thousand times, a touch can explain that feeling in one minute. You too will touch your belly and try to feel your child subconsciously. But, by doing it consciously you will get a reaction from the child too and you will know that s/he is actually understanding you. 

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