The Mother With A Fake Baby Bump

Learning about the fact that you’re pregnant can bring in a wave of happiness in your home. It is such a precious and beautiful thing to discover especially if you’ve been trying so hard to conceive.

Pregnancy is not just anybody’s game because it needs the right woman to raise a child! It is a total challenge as the phase is full of developmental changes and it stretches for 9 months long.

Although the wait is too long, the fruit obtained on the final day is the most precious of them all. But what happens when all those days you waited were for nothing at all! Here’s a story about a woman who had a baby bump but had no baby inside her at all.

There was a couple who was trying so hard for a baby and when she missed her periods, she contained her happiness and quickly she took a home pregnancy test.

She was shocked and surprised as she saw two pink lines slowly appear on the test kit. The couple’s happiness was a short-lived one because she fell sick soon after she found out about her pregnancy.

Since she was sick, she went to the doctor to get herself checked. When she went to get an ultrasound done to check how her baby was doing, the doctors gave her a news that was so devastating. What the doctors said to her and showed her blew her mind away!

Reports said that she was not carrying a baby but a kind of a non-cancerous tumour which was developing inside her uterus. The condition she was suffering from is called as “molar pregnancy”.

In medical terms, this is a condition in which a tissue that was supposed to develop into a fetus has an abnormal growth and continues to grow inside the uterus.

She had to undergo a surgery to save her own life. If she would not have gotten it done at the right time, her reproductive system would have gotten infected so bad that she could have died!

So, you think you’re pregnant too? Why don’t you get yourself checked first? It is better late than never.

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