6 Important Questions Every Pregnant Woman Needs To Ask Her Doctor

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, every pregnancy is unique and different. Reading pregnancy guides or getting all the possible advice and suggestions from your friends and family will not substitute talking to a professional.    

Here are 6 questions you need to ask your OB-GYN for sure.

1. “What kind of exercises should I be doing?”

Staying fit and healthy during pregnancy is good for both the mom and the baby growing in the womb. Walking, prenatal yoga and swimming are usually recommended for pregnant women. But do not try anything too strenuous. Apart from keeping you healthy, exercise also helps in reducing pains and cramps associated with pregnancy. But always, always consult with your doctor before starting an exercise regime.

2. “What foods should I avoid?”

It doesn’t hurt to be extra cautious when you’re pregnant. Most of the food items are completely safe but there might be a few food items that your doctor will advise against because of certain medical conditions or to be on the safer side. In general, junk food, undercooked meat, raw fish and eggs are avoided by pregnant women. But if you suffer from gestational diabetes then you might even be given a specific diet that you have to follow to keep your sugar levels in check.

3. “Is sex completely safe?”

This is a must-ask question for so many reasons. Sex during pregnancy is completely natural and safe. In fact, your hormones will only make you crave sex more than usual, especially during the second trimester. But there are cases when sex during pregnancy has led to preterm labour or a miscarriage (Although these are very rare and extreme) So, it’s better to ask your doctor in detail about sex without shying away from the details.

4. “Are vaccinations during pregnancy necessary?”

There are 2 vaccines that are specifically recommended for pregnant women – The flu (influenza) vaccine given during first or second trimester and the Tdap(tetanus-diphtheria-acellular-pertussis) vaccine given to guard against whooping cough. Vaccines that are made from live, attenuated viruses are to be avoided during pregnancy. Your doctor will provide more information on what’s necessary and what’s not when it comes to vaccination during pregnancy.

5. “What are the pain management options during labour?”

There’s no denying that labour is hard for most women and you should be aware of various pain management options that will be available to you during those crucial hours. Is epidural a thing or will you be asked to tuff it out? These things differ from one hospital to the other so make sure you’re aware of what you’re getting into. Also, it won’t hurt to ask who will be beside you doing the actual delivery process and what is the care you and your baby will receive post-delivery.

6. “What is the likelihood of me having a C-section?”

C-section might just be a simple surgical procedure but it still increases the risk of danger to the mom and the baby by a marginal amount. This might explain why pregnant women try everything they can to avoid a C-section. You can actually ask your doctor about your chances of having a C-section. Things like Gestational diabetes, being overweight or being above 30 are a few of many factors that might influence the way you give birth. 

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