Few Tips to Avoid A Preterm Birth

Motherly love starts right from the moment the mother realizes that she is about to become a mother. And right from that day, the mother does everything in her capacity to make sure her child gets the best of all things. But with taking care of your child in the womb, it is also important that you take care of yourself. Afterall, your baby’s health is directly dependent on your own. But sometimes, even after taking care of yourself, some complications can still arise. The result of these complications is a preterm birth. However, the chances of these complications and thus preterm birth can be significantly reduced if you follow these simple tips. 

1. Reduce Stress

Yes, stress. You might think that what does stress have to do with my preterm birth? Well, research has found out that taking unnecessary stress tends to result in increased chances of preterm birth because of the hormones released when the mother is stressed. In other words, your baby gets to know that you are troubled and stressed and s/he tries to give you relief by coming out as soon as s/he can.   

2. Keep a check on your weight

Obesity is another of the factors that tend to increase the chances of the mother having a preterm birth. Having an increased weight means that your skin is already stretched out. Now with the pregnancy, the skin will stretch more and that will result in complications.

3. Prevent Infections

Infection of any kind is anyway bad for the body and health at any given moment. However, when you are pregnant, it becomes even more important for you to take care of yourself and try to avoid any infection because it can be transmitted from you to your baby. And in certain cases, the only way to cure the baby of the infection is delivering the baby and then treat him/her.

4. Don’t miss your doctor’s appointments

Doctors are there to help you out in all cases. We ourselves are not capable of identifying any problem with the baby even if we have a hunch. Thus, in order to reduce all sorts of complications, it is important that you meet the doctor at all of your appointments.

5. Say no to intoxicants

Research has shown that pregnant women who drink, smoke or consume any other type of intoxicant are likely to have increased chances of having a preterm birth. Apart from the increased chances of preterm birth, intoxicants have a direct effect on the child’s mental development and result in damage to the brain tissue.

It’s not easy having a child. It takes a lot of effort, precaution, and energy. That is the reason why women are the only ones who can give birth. It’s because they have that energy that is needed and will do anything for their child. Thus, it is your responsibility to take care of your child’s health and not let anything happen to them.


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