(Video) Meet The Girl Whose Heart Beats Outside

This disturbing video portrays a young girl’s heart beating outside her body. Those palpitations you could see are similar to your heartbeat, but the only difference is that it happens inside your body.

Yes, it is not a very pleasant sight to see. However, for her parents, she’s the apple of their eye! The girl you saw, her name is Virsaviya Borun. She was born with a condition that was supposed to kill her when she was in her mother’s womb.

She is a miracle of life and her birth is a gift of God to her parents. Every time she giggles or laughs, her heart is seen protruding out so dangerously that you may think to yourself.. “ OMG you’ve got a big heart!!” or “ OMG your heart might fall off!!” but gags aside, her condition is a proof that we should still believe in miracles and God for he knows the good in bad!

The doctors had warned the mother that she would die due to her fragile condition, but even then, her mother didn’t lose hope. Seven years later, reports claim that she is still alive, doing well and healthy.

She suffers from a condition called ‘Ectopia Cordis’ which forces her heart to beat outside its natural place. In her case, it is protected by a thin layer of skin which looks quite delicate.

Experts say that most kids who have this condition die within few hours or days after birth. But seeing her defy all the norms of science and existential being, it is truly a miracle that she’s alive and healthy even with such a condition.

She loves dancing, jumping and sprinting around like a little bunny. She attends drawing classes and loves drawing ponies. 

Photo credits: Jukin

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