5 Must-Have Baby Essentials To Welcome Your Newborn

The most joyous moment in a parent’s life is when their little bundle of joy comes home. The tiny human, who was just in her/his mother’s womb a little while ago, is finally arriving to the place called home. Now, if you’re becoming a parent for the first time, it can be really confusing to choose what to get for when your baby comes home.

Having a handy list of baby essentials with you will go a long way in saving time and keeping away your worries! With some smart searching and research, we’ve found you the list of the most essential things you need to have for when your little one is coming home –

1. Sunbaby Cuddly Bear Bassinet

You want your baby to feel comfortable, safe and secure at all times – whether it’s in your house or when you take them outside. We understand that. That’s exactly why you need to have a bassinet with you to keep your baby cuddled at all times. They’re comfy, and have loads of features that ensure it’s got everything your baby needs, right from a detachable hand-carry form to a mosquito net, with even storage space to keep all your baby essentials at hand. Find the perfect bassinet for your baby here!

2. Sunbaby Squeaky Duck Potty Trainer

One of the most important things for a baby to learn as it grows up is to potty at the right time in the right places. While your baby is learning how to, you can make it interesting for him/her by using colourful potty trainers that make the babies want to use them more. Select from colourful potty trainers here.

3. Sunbaby Blue Aurora Rocking Stroller

Whether you’re heading out shopping or just for a walk, strollers are perfect for you. You can go about your chores without disturbing your baby. Some strollers even come with a meal tray making it perfect choice for a fun picnic outside. It’s got so many features that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Check out awesome strollers here!

4. Sunbaby Butterfly Walker

When your baby is just getting on her/his feet, and needs to get used to the leg movement required for walking, you can help them out a great deal by letting them use a walker. Baby walkers are sturdy, stable and can be used to help an infant learn how to walk. They come in vibrant colours, designed to make your adorable little one want to use the walker all the time. Walkers are super useful because they avoid falls and loss of balance. They are also really comfy, so your baby won’t feel uncomfortable at any point of time. Buy some handy baby walkers here!

5. Sunbaby Reclining Car Seat

Reclining car seats are extremely handy for when your want to head out with your baby. They keep your baby in place and safe, while also being comfortable. With multiple options to adjust seat positions and all the extra cushioning, this is a must-have for your baby and you. Having to brave the extreme traffic on the roads might already be very difficult, but this car seat should make it much easier for your baby! Check out super cool car seats for you baby here!

Now that you’ve got your list of must-have baby essentials, go get them here!

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