How To Deal With Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

Although the body ends up undergoing so many changes, it is quite rare that women are able to jump into their old 28 waist size jeans. Yes, physical appearance is something that has a massive impact on itself but isn’t mothering a child every woman’s dream come true?

When a woman gets pregnant, her feet tend to get swollen up and cause discomfort. However, it is more noticeable only in the fifth month of pregnancy and has the potential to increase as you progress towards your final trimester. It doesn’t matter because, towards your 6th month, you anyway won’t be able to see anything below your belly.

Why do my feet swell?

The swelling of feet is known as a bodily condition called as Edema. It occurs when the number of fluids inside the body doubles up to sustain and nurture your baby inside the womb.

It gets collected inside your tissues and due to the increased blood flow and pressure of the baby that is growing in your uterus. This makes you feel rather bloated up at your feet and ankles. Your swelling will be more prominent when if you’ve gained too much weight over the course of your 2 trimesters.

New mommy tip:

Eat food rich in potassium so that your feet don’t swell much.

How to stop feet from swelling too much?

It is impossible to stop them from swelling too much because your body is producing it for the sake of sustainability. Here are 6 mommy’s favourite tips to reduce that nasty swelling:

1.Stop standing or sitting for too long

If you have been sitting in a place for too long, then you should be taking a mini stroll for like 15 mins or so. If you’ve been standing and walking around a lot, you should reduce it by sitting and relaxing.

2. Raise them legs in the air

So what if you’re pregnant and you’re sitting, you can’t refuse to have some fun. Raise those twinkletoes up in the air and let gravity do the magic.

3. Sleep on your favourite side

Sleeping on your left side can help in attaining the maximum level of comfort. It keeps your kidneys working along and help in the elimination of waste materials and oh of helps in reducing swelling.

4. You should be fit and fantastic

Keep walking around so that it promotes the flow of blood going on instead of accumulating and becoming a giant pool. This increases the swelling so, beware and take caution.

5. Wear comfy shoes

Say goodbye to your favourite stilettos and wedges because you won’t be able to fit into them for a few months due to the swelling in your feet. Hop into a comfy pair of shoes like pumps and orthodox shoes.

Once you deliver the baby, wear simple slippers so that your feet are also happy!

6. Stay hydrated

Drink lots of water throughout the day so that you’re able to flush out more fluids and excessive minerals. The best way to flush out sodium is by peeing it. It will help you minimize the swelling. 

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