How Your Baby Grows During the First Trimester

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I’m fairly sure that as to-be parents, you’re very curious to know what your baby looks like and what it’s up to in its nine-month-vacation in the womb. Well, look no further – this article right here should give you an insight into the first 12 weeks that your baby lives in his/her mom’s tummy.

To give you a quick overview, your baby undergoes some drastic (and amazing) changes as s/he navigates being born. Beginning as a fertilized egg to becoming a garlic-bulb-sized baby, the changes are complete with shape changes ranging from an egg, an embryo, a tadpole and even a strawberry.

In the early weeks, your baby will quickly move from being a fertilized egg to the size of a garlic bulb. The shape starts being formed only by Week 5, though, and you can finally see it transform from an egg to an embryo. At this point, the umbilical cord is also formed, which goes on to become the lifeline for the baby.

By Week 6, your baby should be big enough to be measured. But big here means just about one-eighth of an inch, ie. 0.3 cms long! There is development in the heart and lungs too.

By Week 7, your baby is the shape of a cute little tadpole and the size of a pomegranate seed. Limbs are forming slowly, but as buds, which will eventually become arms and legs. The eyes, mouth, and stomach are starting to take shape too.

By Week 8, your baby is the size of a coffee bean. S/he is able to move around and swim in the tummy now. Her/his fingers and toes are also growing, and the major organs have almost fully formed.

Week 9 has your baby at the size of a peanut. The eyelids grow, and a tiny nose appears. A skeleton made of soft bones starts taking shape.

By Week 10, your baby might finally be one inch! The fingers and toes are now distinguishable, and the arms bend at the elbows.

Week 11 will see your baby double in size, and become 2 inches. S/he is finally the size of a strawberry, with the teeth, intestines and genitals being formed. At the end of your first trimester, your baby will almost be as big as a garlic bulb.

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