What Do Babies Dream About?

We often wonder what our little ones are dreaming of when they smile subtly in their sleep. Babies have the cutest and adorable expressions on their faces when they are asleep. The fact that babies cannot speak and express themselves makes it all the more difficult for us to figure out anything quite clearly. We wonder what they see when they wake from a bad dream and start crying. It almost takes us forever to calm them down later.There are different worlds that our little ones travel to while they are asleep and we would love to know what exactly it is that goes on in their parallel universe.              

Are their dreams different from the ones that we have or are they the same?

There are two types of eye movements when we are sleeping, one is a rapid eye movement (REM), wherein our eyes constantly move as if catching some form of movement, even when our eyes are closed. The other form is Non-rapid eye movement (Non-REM), wherein one’s eyes do not move at all. It is during our rapid eye movements that we dream. Experts claim that since babies have a lot of rapid-eye-movement, they do in fact, dream. But this cannot be a confirmed fact.

Most of our dreams are about prior experiences and about something that we have already been through or felt. We see only those people in our dreams whom we know or have seen somewhere before. The new people in our dreams have blurred faces, which we cannot quite make out. On similar terms, our babies too, dream about people who they see on a daily basis or someone they have already seen. But we cannot say for sure whether or not they see tinker bell and the tooth fairy!

On a positive side, it is essential for parents to note that babies might not have nightmares since they have not yet grasped the concept of fear. They might have occasional irritation on account of unfavourable sights in their dreams, but it cannot exactly be amounted to something as intense and horrible as a nightmare. Kids below the age of 3 years do not usually have a nightmare.

Vivid dreams with proper structural arrangements and patterns develop when kids turn 7 or 8. This is about the time when they learn to understand their own identity. According to neurologists, it is very important for a child to understand their own identity to insert themselves in their dreams.

All this was assuming the fact that babies, do in fact dream. Most experts are of the opinion that babies do not dream, in spite of the rapid eye movements. This has to do with the reality that the brains of our little ones are yet to develop completely and since a major part of our dreams come from a region in our brain, babies do not dream. And surprisingly, the brains of our little ones are engaged in things other than just dreams and fairytales. 




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