How Your Baby Grows During the Second Trimester

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I’m fairly sure that as to-be parents, you’re very curious to know what your baby looks like and what it’s up to in its nine-month-vacation in the womb. Well, look no further – this article right here should give you an insight into the mid-12 weeks that your baby lives in his/her mom’s tummy.

The second trimester is a period of immense growth for your little one. S/he is learning and moving, growing bigger in size and discovering the strength in their limbs.

At week 13, your baby will be as big as a lemon, that’s around 3 inches long. This is also the time that s/he will learn how to take an occasional gulp of the amniotic fluid.

The next week, your baby will also grow a little bigger in size, to the length of a capsicum. At 15 weeks, your baby could be around 6 inches long!

During week 16, your baby’s bones get stronger and slightly harder. Arms and legs can now be flexed, and the eyes behind the eyelids can also be moved.

At week 17, your baby will be the size of a pear, almost 8 in. By now s/he is able to roll over and flip. Hand movements have also improved, and they can even make a fist and hold it to their mouths.

At week 18, the facial features become more defined. Eyelids, ears and upper lip all come into focus. Major level up: s/he can hear now!

By week 19, your little one might be the size of a small brinjal. The main airways in his/her lungs are beginning to form.

At week 20, your baby does some really cute things – they put their feet and toes in their mouth. They also get a lot of sleep. Noise and movement from outside will start to affect them.

At week 21, your baby, who is 10 and a half inches, starts kicking and turning. Brown fat is being formed for warmth!

At week 22, your baby’s genitals are completely formed. Now you can even see eyebrows too. Soft, warm now covers your baby’s body.

By week 23, the fingers of your baby have fingerprints. And a hidden talent – she can hiccup.

At 24 weeks, your baby is the size of a pineapple, that’s around 12.5 inches long, and a little more than half a kg.

At week 25, your baby can recognize your voice and other familiar sounds too. Now, your baby snoozes for 80% of the time.

The next week, she’ll learn how to suck and probably even try it out.

At the end of your second trimester, your baby is finally the length of a cucumber, which is around 14 inches long. All that moving around is also helping tone up their muscles.

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