NEW RESEARCH: Vitamin-D Deficiency Causes Infertility

In a research conducted by a Dubai-based fertility centre, it was found that an increasing cause of infertility in the younger generation is a deficiency of Vitamin D.

Several studies have forged a strong relationship between vitamin D deficiency and infertility, particularly with respect to IVF failure, according to the centre. The active form of Vitamin D(calcitriol) not just controls the oestrogen content in a woman, but many other genes that are involved in embryo implantation. Moreover, the vitamin helps in fighting infections during pregnancy. Vitamin D supplementation also contributes to egg cell maturation in women affected by PCOS while its deficiency worsens the hormonal imbalance, making them prone to miscarriage. Lack of vitamin D can result in complications, such as gestational hypertension and diabetes. Further, research data suggest links between poor semen quality, testosterone levels and vitamin D deficiency.

The major reason for this increase in Vitamin D deficiency can be directly credited to the type of lifestyle people are following these days. The 9 to 5 schedule ends up taking all of the sunny time as a result of which people are unable to get the adequate sunlight they need on a daily basis. With the inclusion of canteens in the office itself, there is quite literally no need for the working men and women to step out of their offices and actually let the body absorb the sunlight and with it the much-needed sunlight.

This deficiency has increased to such high levels that people are being forced to take Vitamin D supplements and tablets in order to keep their Vitamin D levels above the danger mark.

With the improvements in technology, new research is being constantly done in order to understand the various illnesses and diseases we suffer from but with the cure and preventive measures coming out for all the older illnesses, new illnesses have started surfacing which did not exist in the past. The major reason for the upheaval of these new diseases is the change in lifestyle and poor self-health. Apart from Vitamin D deficiency affecting the fertility levels of the current young generation, research also suggests that this deficiency can also get transmitted to the baby resulting in weak children with softer bones and increase in the allergies.

Apart from interrupting the natural birthing process, Vitamin D deficiency has also been seen to disrupt even external birthing ie., In Vitro Fertilization. And this is not just something that only mothers need to take care of. Research has also seen that Vitamin D deficiency tends to have an effect on the men’s fertility and the motility rate and bring it down considerably.

The best way to keep up the Vitamin D levels is getting out in the sun for 5-10 mins. It is free, it is abundant and it starts working immediately. Plus, from Vitamin-D supplements, you are more prone to get some side effects or allergies while there are no hazardous side effects of sunlight except a little sunburn. But then you can always de-tan on your parlour day. 

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