15 Things All Moms Have Secretly Done

Things that mommies have been doing for us is beyond compare. From bringing us into the world to helping us walk on our two’s to waking us up from sleep just by turning off the fan.Mommies care capable of doing anything. The best part is that you can’t even question her about it because.. YOU JUST CANNOT!

Here are 15 funny things all mothers have secretly confessed doing:

1. Played a game half-heartedly just so that your child could win and the game would be over soon.

2.Manipulated your child into order something you’ve been wanting to eat just so that you can have an extra side dish for yourself!

3.Skipped pages of a storybook just so that you can end the story time faster and that your kid falls asleep quickly!

4.Your child can have wild days too. When he drops his favorite toy in the toilet, you would have tried to retrieve it… manually.

Yes, it is gross..but you’re a mommy!

5. Your kid would have asked you for a bite from the snack you’re eating and if you ever said “ it is spicy!!” you’re winning at parenting!

6. You have become the master of sniffing from all those underwears and diapers you checked.

7.You should be on Santa’s naughty list for lying to your child about the whole “Santa is real” thing. It was YOU who sneakily kept presents in the sock your child hung on Christmas eve!

8.You made a promise to your child because you knew they would forget about it the next day.

9.You pretended to be tired and deep asleep even when you hear your baby cry so that your partner has to go and change diapers!

10. You make mommy friends based on your interests so that you can meet up and gossip about things you both like. So, yeah that way your kid will have new friends quite often.

11.You have uploaded a picture in which you look the best even if your husband or your child look weird in it.

12. You have been hiding few treats from your child just so that you can have them all by yourself.

13.You have ninja skills because you’re a pro at catching things your kid throws. Yes, this is inclusive of the half-chewed food your child rejects from the mouth.This is why you have amazing reflex actions.

14. There are days when you just want to rejuvenate and regain. So you give your child a phone just so that you can relax and get pampered at the salon.

And finally…

15. Stole some money from your child’s piggy bank so that you could have the exact change to give.

Mommies are wonderful and it is absolutely adorable that they do all these sneaky little things! 

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