Know Your Baby’s Personality Based on Their Birth Month

We are always tensed about how our little one will turn out to be and what type of a person s/he will be. Well, although most of this depends on the way you raise your child, we can always assume that there is some divine intervention. Especially in India, people believe a lot of mythology and astrology. So, just for fun, we have come up with a list of personality traits your child is likely to have based on the month in which they were born. Do take note that though this is for fun, these traits have actually been seen in a majority of babies born in that particular month.

1. January

The children born in this month love to dress up, tend to be fussier, get bored easily and rarely show emotions. Even when they show fewer emotions, they still take more time to recover if they are hurt emotionally by anyone. Also, they tend to be more sensitive, down to earth and stubborn.

2. February

These babies tend to be intelligent and clever. They are attractive, quiet, shy, temperamental and yet humble. They tend to get aggressive when they are restricted and love aggressiveness. They are goal oriented and tend to be more ambitious than anyone else in whatever they do.

3. March

These people turn out to be affectionate, shy and reserved. They tend to love peace, serenity and calmness and tend to be very trustworthy. They are often seen to be very keen observers and are easily able to size people up. They are also known for bottling up their feelings and expressing very little.

4. April

Be with them and all you will do is keep on laughing. These people are known to be a joke machine. They are very talkative, confident, sensitive, have a positive attitude towards life, stubborn, hyper and secretive. A person with so many traits is sure to be a handful and anything but a boring person.

5. May

They are stubborn and hard-hearted, strong-willed and highly motivated. They tend to have sharp thoughts, get easily angered, tend to attract others and love attention. They always have deep feelings and are beautiful both physically and mentally. They have their own firm standpoint and generally don’t need any motivation.

6. June

They’ve got the best personality and are an absolute pleasure to be around. They love to make new friends and be outgoing. Besides this, these people tend to be more hardworking and are always in the highest of spirits.

7. July

They are fun to be with, tend to be secretive and are often difficult to fathom and understood. They are also often quiet unless excited or tensed. They love taking pride in themselves, are brutally honest and can be consoled easily.

8. August

People born in August love taking risks and feed on attention. They generally have no self-control, are self-confident, loud and boisterous. Though they are often more of a kind soul, they can be very revengeful too. Besides this, they are easy to get along with and talk to.

9. September

These babies are active and dynamic. Though they are decisive, they tend to make decisions in haste and then often tend to regret them. They are also attractive, affectionate to oneself, have a strong mentality, love attention and are very diplomatic.

10. October

One of the bravest and fearless people you will ever meet they love to chat and love those who love them. They have both inner and physical beauty and though they sometimes lie, they never pretend. They also tend to get angry often and yet treat their friends importantly.

11. November

They are trustworthy and loyal, very passionate and yet dangerous and wild at times. Above all, they know how to have fun and so people are drawn towards their both inner and outer beauty. They get very emotional and temperamental sometimes and identify themselves as fearless and independent. They easily meet new people and are very social in a group.

12. December

These people are loyal and generous, patriotic and competitive in everything. They tend to be active in games and interactions and are often impatient and hasty. They have a lot of ambition and thus tend to become very influential in organizations they work with. They are fun to be with and have a proper far-off vision which sometimes makes it difficult for people to understand them.

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