Overweight And Pregnant? Here Are 5 Wonderful Ways To Shed Those Kilos!

When you found out that you’re pregnant, you must have been so thrilled. All that effort your partner and you put in paid off as you have finally conceived.

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey full of pampering and delicious treats. Everybody gives you the attention you had been craving for your entire life and that makes you feel super important.

Amidst all this fun, you forget to maintain a healthy mommy body and whoosh…you’re as big as a giant balloon from all that delicious food you’ve been devouring.

Here are 5 tips exclusively from the mommies to help you stay fit throughout your jolly days:

1.Keep moving around

Exercising doesn’t mean that you have to engage in rigorous workout sessions where you’re all sweaty. You could do some yoga and basic exercises which will help you maintain a basic mommy to be weight. It will not just be healthy for you, but it will be healthy for your baby too!

2. Don’t eat too many sweets

Get a glucose tolerance test done for yourself so that you’re aware of your sugar levels. You could get this done in your 24th and 28th week of pregnancy.

It is said that women who are overweight are prone to fall prey to gestational diabetes.

3. Have a positive body image

You might compare yourself to the people you see in the glam world who were pregnant. You would have felt quite blah and ended up shaming your body for nothing. Take a look at the real people with real bodies for a change!

All you need to do is chill and rock on! Just because you’re bloating up doesn’t mean that your baby is going to be unhealthy.

4. Eat right

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to stuff your body with food. Eat the right kind of food like whole grains, fruits, unsaturated fats etc so that you have a good diet maintained. It will keep you full for longer hours and will help you burn the calories appropriately.

5. Gain healthy weight

If you’re already heavy, you shouldn’t be gaining much weight during your pregnancy. So, basically, you have all the necessary fat that is required for your baby to grow and develop healthily. Women could gain 15-20 pounds extra during the pregnancy so that shedding that becomes easier. 

Happy pregnancy mommy! innocent

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