(Video) First Pregnancy Vs Every Other Pregnancy

When you found out that you’re going to mother a child for the first time, your life would have been extremely colourful and you would have been pampered so much by everybody.

You would have got that extra dose of care by your mother-in-law, you could nap whenever you wished to, you had no physical work to do at home, your husband would fulfil your demands even if they’re irrational or at weird hours of the day. Your life becomes a dream come true. However, it isn’t the same for all the subsequent pregnancies.

Yeah, you won’t be treated like a queen forever you know! Once you have had a child, everybody just assumes that you’re a pro at life and motherhood already. You basically get to deal with yourself throughout your pregnancy and you get your things done by yourself.

Here’s the truth coming from a mom. She has talked about everything a woman can relate to after her first pregnancy. Watch it and share it if you too can relate to it! 

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