7 Ways To Calm Your Baby Down If They’re Suffering From Stomachache

Their toddler falling sick is one of the worst things that can happen to a mother. And if a newborn baby falls sick even a little, then the mother certainly feels a lot of anxiety and nervousness. But, there is a silver lining – some problems seem to be huge, but can actually be controlled with some easy steps.

Colic is one of the common problems that babies face. Colic is the phenomenon in which infants cry a lot due to pain in the intestines and abdomen. Although this pain often goes away by itself, it’s impossible to keep quiet about it when you see a baby suffering in pain.

Well, there are some ways which might make the baby feel comfortable and help them recover from this problem. Here are a few:

1. Hot Compression

Take a soft towel and dip it in hot water. Squeeze this towel and then rest it on the baby’s stomach lightly. It will help to remove the gas deposited in the stomach and relax the baby.

2. Oil Massage

Massage the baby’s stomach everyday with oil, as it prevents stomach ache and provides relief from any stomach pain that might occur in the future.

3. Try to make the baby burp

To avoid stomachache, keep in mind that after the infant has eaten, you need to make sure that the baby burps. It drains the gas in the stomach and also the baby in digesting food.

4. Knee-bend Workout

It’s been established that exercise keeps the baby’s digestive system healthy. Especially when babies experience pain in their stomach. The easy knee-bending exercise will ease a lot of the baby’s pain and will keep their digestion healthy too.

5. Bath it with hot water

For long, we’ve seen that bathing the baby with hot or warm water makes the baby calm and enhances their blood flow. It helps to remove the gas deposited in the stomach and increases digestibility.

6. Feed them periodically

Regular feeding is less likely to cause gas in the stomach and also lessens the chances of stomach ache.

7. Keep them moving

If the babies are kept in motion, especially when there is pain in their stomach, then it’ll help them get very comfortable. Take them on a walk in the park or on a train ride.  

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