How Does Your Baby Grow During the Third Trimester?

Video Courtesy: WebMD

In the last stages of your pregnancy, your baby undergoes changes that will eventually make them look like they do when they come out. They gain weight, and even practice some of the things they need to do when they get out! Here’s a week-by-week look:

At week 28 (where we left off), your baby is about 6 inches long. The eyes can open and toenails are starting to grow.

At week 29, your little one weighs about 3 pounds (almost 1.5kgs). As they gain weight, they also start becoming fatter, and the skin is also becoming smoother.

The next week, the baby is about 16 inches long. The eyes now open and close freely and respond to light too.

Week 31 and 32, your baby starts gaining weight. They are slightly more than 1.5 kgs by now. Hefty and strong, slowly they’re about to start practicing normal activities.

Week 33, your baby will be at around 4 pounds. They are now able to swallow, yawn and even breathe. Their body temperature is finally going to be controlled by their brains.

At week 34, your little one is at 4.5 pounds. The skin is no longer see-through.

By week 35, your baby should weigh 5 pounds. With breathing practice, the baby is getting itself ready to come out. The fingernails have reached the end of their fingers and the skin has turned pink. Legs are also getting chubby.

By week 36, your little baby is at about 6 pounds (2.7 kgs). Bones and muscles are almost ready for the outside world.

By week 37, your baby is as heavy as a large cabbage. With not a lot of space left in the womb, your baby starts feeling the need to get out.

At week 39, your baby is ready to come out – at 6.5 pounds (almost 3 kgs), your baby is at the point where their lungs are about to scream out and cry. As the baby drops into the birth canal, the its head is in the shape of a cone.

Your baby is now finally ready and about to come out. After all the struggle through the first and second trimester, s/he can’t wait to meet you, and neither can you!

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