(Video)Tips And Tricks To Find The Perfect Bra!

The bra has a lot of significance in all our lives. The only constant support we’ll ever need to hold them boobies in the right place. They are our bare necessities of life because a simple misjudgment of size can alter your body permanently.

Sometimes you love a bra so much that you don’t even check if it fits you properly. If it kind of hugs your body, you will end up finding comfort in it just because it looks good.

You don’t have to torture your body anymore because the perfect bra that will embrace your body exists and here’s how you will be able to find it!

1.Go to a shop which has a variety

Just because a store is popular doesn’t mean that you’ll find everything you need. So, choose a store that has a wide range of bras in different sizes. Do your research about the local stores near you.

2. Find the right measurement of your underband

This is where most women get confused. Your breasts will rest firmly, mostly because of the underband. The straps of your bra are just another source of secondary support.

3. The cups

They are an additional support that your boobies need to stay in place. So, if you realize that there are chunks of your breasts that are popping out of your cups, you might have to look for cups of a slightly bigger size.


Carry a simple T-shirt with you wherever you go bra shopping. That way you will be able to have a fair judgment of what fits you right and the way it enhances them, ladies.

4. Straps aren’t supposed to be your enemies

If you find the straps of your bra digging into your shoulders, your bra is doing too much work for you. Actually, they should just be a support for you and the major handling is done by the underband. You should try a bra with a slightly bigger size.

5. Know your body type

If you are heavy on the top or have an apple shaped body, you should be buying bras that give you a full body coverage. Don’t buy demi cups because they are no good for you!

Secret #2: 

If you have a heavy up front, get yourself an underwired bra for maximum comfort. They help in shaping your breasts and they enhance its appeal too.

Here’s a video to help you master your cup game!

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