5 Pregnancy Facts No One Tells You About

Pregnancy, something that every woman sincerely looks forward to their entire life. Pregnancy is not just the process of foetus development that eventually leads to a baby being born. It is a feeling, a thought and above all an emotion that drastically changes the entire world perspective of a woman. You can call any bond strong as and when you want but there is quite literally no bond as strong as the bond between a mother and child. But even then, pregnancy can be quite hard on the woman as she goes through a magnitude of changes. Though you might know about a lot of these changes, there are some you might not even be aware of.

1. Your feet can grow during pregnancy and sometimes they don’t shrink back

It has been seen in a magnitude of women globally that during pregnancy, their feet can grow up to 1-2 shoe size more and sometimes they don’t tend to revert back to their original size even after childbirth.

2. You might start lactating as soon as you hear your baby cry

This is another one of fascinating yet terrifying fact that has been seen in some women. As soon as their baby starts crying they suddenly start lactating and sometimes the breast milk might even leak out. This generally happens due to the hormone flood that is there in the mother’s head.

3. Chances increase of developing an autoimmune disease

In a research conducted by Dutch scientists on the development of autoimmune disease in women, it was seen that the risk of developing autoimmune disease increases in a pregnant woman. The researchers found that in the first year after conventional deliveries or cesarean sections, women had a 15 or 30 percent greater risk, respectively, of contracting such disorders.

4. The brittleness of your bones

There some possibilities that have been seen in pregnant women that their bones tend to become more brittle as the pregnancy progresses and they can actually develop a condition called Osteoporosis in which you develop pores on your bones. Basically, the baby needs a lot of calcium to develop his/her bones and the only place they can get this calcium from is your body. Thus, it is important that you keep a constant supply of calcium in your body.

5. Your uterus will grow up to 500 times its original size

Your uterus is going to be the home of your little one for a period of 8 months and it will be here that your baby will grow from a cluster of cells to a healthy baby. So obviously a lot of space will be needed. And this space is created by the expansion of the uterus to extraordinary lengths in order to accommodate your little one.

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